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Creator of Coilguns, Jona Nido, talks DIY

Creator of Coilguns, Jona Nido, talks DIY

By Georgi Bomb Let’s get straight down to business. You may have heard the name but to explain what three-piece act, Coilguns, is all about; let’s leave it to the axegrinder, and head of the whole operation, Jona Nido. Advertisements

The Arts of Desaster

By Georgi Bomb Desaster may not be a huge name in the UK but they certainly are part of metal’s staple diet. The adventure started way back in 1988 and their determination to “play some fucking black metal without compromises” has not yet diminished. Releasing their seventh album, The Arts of Destruction, this month, it … Continue reading

An Evening with Dimmu Borgir

By Georgi Bomb Interrupting one of the founding members of Dimmu Borgir, the biggest black metal band to come from Norway, as he is eating his takeaway dinner is not the best way to start an interview. But thankfully, guitarist/songwriter Silenoz is  pleasant enough, scoffing down the final remains of his food and commenting on the … Continue reading

Inside the Charred Walls

By Georgi Bomb When the line-up of supergroup Charred Walls of the Damned was first announced in 2009, everyone excitedly awaited the self-titled debut from vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), bassist Steve DiGiorgio ( Iced Earth, Testament), guitarist and well-known producer Jason Suecof and brainchild behind the whole project, former Iced-Earth drummer, … Continue reading

Reunited again: An interview with Soil

By Georgi Bomb Soil, a band who, in the last year or so, seem to have had a revolving door for members. Touring members going in and out, old members rejoining and leaving just as quickly. But the UK fans were honoured on their recent tour with Puddle of Mudd, Dear Superstar and Verses with … Continue reading