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The Expendables 2 to be PG-13, Norris ruins everyone’s fun

by Robert Bayley If you’ve spent any time on the internet you’ll be aware of the walking weapons of mass destruction that is Chuck Norris. Even if you’ve never seen Delta Force or any of his other OTT action films then you’ll be aware of Chuck Norris facts. Advertisements

Top ten most underrated horror movies EVER!

By Robert Bayley The Exorcist, Frankenstein, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; all movies that rightly deserve their place as pinnacles of filmmaking. Even those that aren’t considered classics of their form are considered classics of their genre; think of the likes of Friday the 13th, The Last House on the Left and I Walked With … Continue reading

The Dark Tower is not as close as we think

By Richard Brooks For some time now, Hollywood has been circling Stephen King’s epic, seven-book Dark Tower series which blends elements of horror, fantasy, drama and the western genre. Although is seems the studio have expressed concerns over the cost. Set in a world not unlike our own which is slowly falling apart, King’s books … Continue reading

Summer at the local fleapit

by Richard Brooks In 1975, the summer saw audiences fleeing from cinemas and avoiding the water as Steven Speilberg presented his masterpiece, Jaws. As well as heralding the beginnings of one of the 20th Century’s most respected film makers, it also saw the birth of the summer blockbuster. Now every year, movie studios pack the summer months with … Continue reading

The Splat Pack: Slashing it old school style

By Richard Haydn Brooks A woman shaving her legs succumbs to the ravages of a flesh-eating virus and begins to cut chunks out of her nubile flesh. A family figurehead is beaten, crucified and finally set alight. Werewolves make lunch out of soldiers in the Scottish Highlands. A woman searches through the guts of a … Continue reading