Beaten to Death already writing new material says drummer, Chris

By Georgi Bomb

After the release of their debut, Xes and Strokes, Oslo-based metal heads, Beaten to Death had to wait another few months before people started to prick their ears up. Well you know what they say – slow and steady, wins the race!

An outfit merged together by members from Quartet Intense, Tsjunder, Grimshot and former She Said Destroy frontman, Anders Bakke. We can assure you that you have not heard anything quite like Beaten to Death.

Miss Bomb was lucky enough to get to chat to drummer, Chris ‘Bartender’ Svensden for Culture Bomb.

Miss Bomb: Hi there, how are things within the band at the moment?

Chris ‘Bartender’ Svendsen: Things are going good, a strange situation that 4 months after the release things are happening.

MB: All members have come from other projects; can you explain more about how you came together?

CS: I don´t remember accurate how it went down, but I think Tommy and Martin had an idea for a new band, and soon after we met in the rehearsal studio and began the fastness.

MB: Was it a natural progression in your musical style/writing when forming B2D?

CS: Yeah, it felt natural since all of us wanted to do something that was in an other ballpark compared to what we do in other bands.

There is a real eclectic sound in B2D although the main feel is obviously grindcore, was this intentional?

I´m not sure, but we wanted to play fast, and then it became natural with some melodic elements as well. And it´s very important for us to record live, I love it, and it sounds raw.

MB: Where there any challenges or difficulties in forming a new band? If so what and if there weren’t, was there a reason?

CS: Only when all of us have tours and other shit to do. It can be difficult to find time to get together, but that’s nothing to think of. There are no problems we can’t handle or fix.

MB: What do you think of the grindcore scene at the moment?

CS: I have no idea. I like Misery Index at the moment, very good band and a killer drummer.

MB: Xes and Strokes has been out since the middle of 2011, is it getting the attention you wanted?

CS: There was some local commotion around the release, but for a few weeks ago tons of reviews from around the world started coming in.

It´s cool to be a grindband from Norway these days.

MB: For people who haven’t heard it, describe the album in three words.

CS: Brutal, honest, melodic.

MB: Can we expect some UK dates? When?

CS: We haven´t nailed any dates in the UK yet. We´re looking for an agent, does anyone know a good one? Come on, tell us. We want to tour the UK as soon as possible, but we don´t know when.

MB: If/when you do make it over, what kind of live show can UK fans expect?

CS: A nice gang of guys playing soothing tunes, and you don´t know what hit you until we are in the bar. Maybe you´re lucky and get two sets.

It´s melodic grind, with some groove stuff and we give all, or die trying.

MB: Are you guys working on any new material? Can you tell us anymore if you are?

CS: O´yeah baby. We have some songs ready and when we have enough for an album we have to practice like hell so nobody fucks up when we record.

We record everything live (not the vocals) and we want to give you our best.

MB: What are your plans for the year?

CS: Play as many shows we can, record a new album, get drunk sometimes, and I am looking forward to get the grill out. Fuck I´m tired of freezing.

MB: Any final thoughts?

CS: If you like brutal, fast, beautiful, groovy music, check us out. Beaten To Death are here for you.

Come and see us if we are playing in your neighbourhood, and make sure to give us beer, and maybe some hugs. And we give you our hearts……. Ohh I miss getting shitfaced.

Read a review of B2D’s debut album, Xes and Strokes and may we wish Chris all the best, and hopefully may you drink and be warm soon.

Xes and Strokes by Beaten to Death is out now on Mas-Kina Recordings!

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