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In Focus: Must Destroy Jewellery

In Focus: Must Destroy Jewellery

By Georgi Bomb Interesting and eye-catching accessories can be difficult to come by. Although the high street stores offer the occasional quirky piece, it can be disheartening to find thousands of others sporting the same thing. This is the unfortunate thing with high street – it’s affordable, by everyone. Advertisements

Are affordable corsets cheap and nasty?

Are affordable corsets cheap and nasty?

By Kayleigh Herbertson When looking for affordable corsets, it’s hard to gauge exactly what you’re going to get. Many young women want to get into what has become an incredibly popular fashion but are uncertain about how much of an investment they should make on a single item of clothing.

A healthy new year

By Kelly McGarry The New Year is indeed upon us and if, like me, you’ve made yet another resolution to get fit and stay in shape, you’re probably going to be trying some new fad diets. Over the years I have tried nearly every eating plan, diet, or ‘lifestyle change’ going, some have worked and … Continue reading

The new wrap for your lips

By Kayleigh Herbertson Trendy Lip Wraps are a new addition to cosmetics, inspired by a similar design created in America by Violent Lips. Both these designs work as temporary tattoos for the lips and are designed to replace lipstick or lip gloss, perhaps on a night out.

Culture Bomb’s guide to tattoo and piercing

By Kelly McGarry In the last few decades, the art of piercing and tattooing has become increasingly popular throughout all different sub-cultures and is now a mainstream form of expression in our society. Of course, neither of these art forms are anything new, both have been around for centuries and have different meanings depending on … Continue reading

Spin on this

By Kelly McGarry That’s right ladies; for women who want to keep fit and have fun; pole dancing is the new dancer-cise. Like many women I’ve spent most of my life trying to find the most effective diets or exercises to perfect my body, and, like many, I’m still working on it.