Mobile apps becoming part of the main stream music scene

By Vernon Tart

Gone are the days when artists have to depend on management of record labels and distributors to market and promote their act. Using mobile app technology and QR codes (barcodes that can be scanned by your mobile phone), artists can share their music like never before. Not just your music either, but videos, articles, reviews, tour dates, press kits, photos and more. The change in technology has now made it possible for artists to have a killer mobile app for $200 per year (around £150).

With a tech savvy member in nearly all groups today, musicians can build their own app to how live sets. What could be cooler than that! Share it with everyone who could not be there. Even without a tech savvy member, most artists can still afford to buy a mobile app for $400 (about £200) per year and enjoy an app that’s been professionally built.

Just as the internet changed the way the world worked, so will mobile technology. The change is happening so fast that musicians are left scratching their heads wondering if maybe they should get their own app. In a word, if you are a working act, performing just two shows a month then a mobile app can help your fan base grow faster than any other medium. This is a powerful marketing and sales tool,  even your local pizza parlor probably is using a QR code.

Artists fail to recognize the paradigm shift with consumers who are using smartphones, who are scanning QR codes and want to be engaged with the artist on this friendly seemingly one on one level. Fans are using smart phones everyday but very few artists see how this can work for them. So imagine that you have the app, now you want to take the QR code connected to it and place it in as many physical locations as possible. Visit the local colleges and post them on the student community bulletin boards, stop by the local music shop and record stores.

With the window wide open on mobile apps, it is up to your own imagination as to how to market yourselves. Talk to your friends and get them to share your app with anyone who they think might like your music. Gone are the days when we had to read reviews, or borrow records or Cds from friends. Now you can share you music and promote your band in the palm of your hand, every day.

No more telling them your web address and they forget or lose the paper it was written on. No waiting to get back home to send an email link to a club owner. No waiting to see if someone likes your music. Text it over to them and they can watch your video instantly.


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