Review: Magenta Harvest, Apparition of Ending

By Georgi Bomb

Starting off as a two man project in 2005, featuring Timo K and Janne.

Four years down the line they were joined by second guitarist, Timo H, bassist, Jonas (Chthonian) and vocalist Mathias (Finntroll) who completed Magenta Harvest’s line up and their first demo, A Familiar Room, was recorded.

Now it is 2012 and the band’s second EP is all ready and waiting.

Apparition of Ending – completed with additional help by Aleksi Virta (Finntroll) and Jan Jämsen – is death metal influenced by the earlier years and it picks up where Timo K and Janne’s former band, …and Oceans, left off.

This isn’t going to be the most extreme of sounds you will ever hear but then, it’s clear this isn’t the intention.

And if anything, Magenta Harvest only prove that you don’t need to be the most brutal to produce some crushing sounds.

The demo touches across all the best parts of extreme metal and combines it, to offer a fantastic movement of sound that never dulls.

The title track’s marching beat keeps a consistency while the blast beats make for refreshing listening. It’s old school, inclusive of a raw production, there is also a slight folk tinge on the track, not too dissimilar of Finntroll.

Highlight track, The Unavailing Surpasser, kicks off with blasts, a deep groove and filthy vocals, just what is needed.

Although not fast paced, the technicality is still there and the groove continues to work it’s way through, pending an urge to head bang, which is impossible to ignore.

One Walks Down, however, values speed and is the heaviest song of the four. Pushing towards the thrashier style of death metal over the doom, there are definitely some powerful hooks here other than the intro.

Magenta Harvest go against the grain with Apparition of Ending. In the current scene, with everything having to be more brutal, faster and more technical than everyone else, these guys have favorably, ignored the trends.

Instead they choose to touch on the older styles, extracting the best elements and combining them to produce an innovative sound that stands apart from all the technical acts that are plaguing the scene today

This is certainly the start of something big for Magenta Harvest. If there were ever a band to watch for in 2012, it would be these.


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