Review: Spawn of Posession, Incurso

By Georgi Bomb

It’s been five years and the wait has definitely been worth it. Spawn of Possession release their debut Relapse album, Incurso, and to use a singular word to describe it: technical.

There is definitely a fresh sound amongst the standard technical death metal structure. Starting off with the inevitable intro track but with a refreshing, almost comical twist. Reminiscent of something close to The Munsters or Addams Family, it certainly is intriguing,

Where Angels Go Deamons Follow doesn’t mess about as it kicks in, full pelt, with no grace but just sheer brutality. Throughout the album, the guitars always seem to be so full in the mix that it borders on drowning everything else out.

This overpowering aspect is a bit of a shame as it does make it difficult to really hear the other, well-constructed parts.

Incurso is definitely taking Spawn of Possession in a new direction. With the only remaining member, Jonas Bryssling, on rhythm guitar, it isn’t any wonder that after six years, there is a whole new evolvement.

Fronted by former Visceral Bleeding front man, Dennis Röndum, the vocals are insanely brutal and cutting amongst the twiddles and intensity of the guitars. This gives a refreshing difference and mix up of death metal styles.

Despite the new line up, there is a nod toward the band’s past with the final track, Apparition. The eight minute long, haunting tune throws in an organ sound, giving it a refreshing twist but still holds the speed and agility along with the rest of the album.

All in all, it is easy to differentiate between the tracks. One, personal, issue with technical death metal bands is that it can be so easy to fall into a repetitive trap. The only similarity on Incurso is the frenzy that each track whips up.

The highlights on the album are Deus Avertat for the pure extremity from start to finish. Servitude of Souls showcases the intricate bass lines from Erland Caspersen (formerly Blood Red Throne).

The musicianship found here has definitely been worth the wait. Die-hard Spawn fans won’t be disappointed, it’s like everything they were before, but turned up to 11!

Incurso, by Spawn of Possession is out now via Relapse Records.


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