Your guide to the festival season

By Celeste Carrigan

Whether it’s your first time at a festival or you’re a dab hand of sitting in the field enjoying the sun (or more often than not, the rain) and some good music, then there are some essentials needed in order to survive.

Going to any a festival is an experience in itself; it will be memorable, warm and of course, muddy.

Whether you are going to a rock festival such as Download or maybe you are going somewhere in Europe, it is vital to take a tent, sleeping bag, your ticket and of course, some money.

If you going to buy a new a tent, it is advisable to buy a bigger one. For instance, a two man tent is great if you want to leave all your stuff outside.  A four man tent will be great for two people and you will have plenty of space to store your bags.

A vital camping essential is a torch; if you find yourself needing the loo at 4 am, you will need to navigate your way to the loo. A wind up touch is a great idea as you will not need to worry about batteries.

From my own experience I recommend bringing some sort of seat. As the night comes to an end, you don’t want to be sitting in the damp grass. Why don’t you take a deck chair or maybe something fun like an inflatable sofa.

Of course if you’re going to be away for four days or more then bring your own food. Festivals are littered with burger van after burger van but this can be very expensive.

Some festivals allow gas stoves but check before you go. This way, you will have more choice of what you can eat – from pot noodles to beans and sausages. Disposable BBQS are great for the first night, meat won’t last long though so don’t expect to have BBQS for the duration.

Toiletries are a must – baby wipes will become your best friend come day three. Saying that, so will deodorant and toothpaste.

Tissues are great to carry with you and hand sanitizer are important for obvious reasons. The toilets will make you want to bathe in sanitzer so make sure you so keep it on you at all times.

For us girls, dry Shampoo will be a godsend, even if to make your hair smell a little bit nicer. Keep an eye out for travel size versions of all toiletries, traveling light is key.

Always remember to look after your skin and try sit in the shade as well as using sun cream. You don’t want your weekend spoiled by spending it in the First Aid tent.

No festival experience would be the same without your trusty wellies. A fave among celebs are Hunter Wellingtons, but there are so many cheaper and funky alternatives available on the high street.

I recommend taking a jumper as the temperature will fall with the sun – a fave among many festival goers is the Pac-A-Parka, the perfect waterproof that folds up into bag.

There are also some fun essentials that will make your festival experience. Here are Culture Bomb’s recommendations:

  • There are some great festival kits out there and we promise you the Ultimate Festival Kit has one for you, even with the option to build your own. For £24.95 you get 19 essentials all in one handy bag.
  • Festival Feet are great for all those out there who don’t want to ruin their shoes in the mud. Available in blue or red, they are disposable shoe covers that resemble converses.
  • Fancy dress is a great way to add some fun to your weekend, especially if you are with a group. Why not be practical too with Pac Man inspired Ponchos for £4.95.
  • The notebook portable BBQ, which can be found on Amazon, is all you need for some festival culinary goodness. Just lob in some charcoal and burgers, £23.95.

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