Review: Thormesis, Von Leere Und Tod

By Georgi Bomb

German Pagan lords, Thormesis, prepare for the release of their second album, Von Leere Und Tod (Of Emptiness and Death) on June 15.

The follow up to debut, Gehet Hin Und Kämpfet, is tipped to be some of their best work to date. Interesting with it being their second album.

Compared to a nightmare coming to life. This could definitely be applied to the atmosphere of the album, and has an added, intriguing value.

Starting true to black metal form, the atmospheric intro track starts with delicate and light guitars and is a real contradiction to the rest of the album.

As the opening track merges into the first, main track, Sterbend Herz. Intense, dark and true to the black metal genre in structure and sound.

The focal point is definitely the vocals with Thormesis. They aren’t stereotypical either. This difference adds a whole new dynamic to the album but doesn’t hinder its strengths.

Dipping and diving from a gentle light tone to a murky and obscure emphasis, this album is far from monotonous.

Other influences evident are the Viking tones and hardcore edge, adding a differentiation between the tunes. This is a memorable style from Thormesis.

Türme des Schattens gains momentum and almost hits a point of not going any further but does a 360 and gently slips into a new, haunting world while the drums pummel their way through to the end.

This is light, easy listening black metal.  It can definitely be said it pushes boundaries but doesn’t force itself to be the heaviest or the darkest. It pushes the limitations of the genre without going for full force in any particular direction.

Lebensgang (Grabfeld Cover version), the final track, merges singing and screaming. Like the rest of the amalgamations, these polar vocal techniques intertwine fluently, providing a soft, yet compelling end.

Von Leere Und Tod is out June 15, via AFM Records.


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