In Focus: Death Vomit

By Georgi Bomb

These guys have been around for a long time.Maybe hidden in the background but they have been there.

Producing some almighty heavy and brutish metal music, and with a name like Death Vomit, you wouldn’t expect anything else.

Landing on the scene in 1995, it can be safe to say this three piece from Indonesia know their stuff. In 1999, they released the EP, Eternally Deprecated, a bone chilling assault on listeners and they haven’t stopped since.

After the tragic death of their vocalist in 2000, guitarist, Sofyan Hadi, took center stage and led them towards their second album, The Prophecy, in 2006.

If being one of the most brutal death metal bands to come from Indonesia wasn’t enough, they are also the first Indonesian death metal band to have released a DVD, Flames of Hate.

Death Vomit are a band that remain loyal to the scene. Reusing to back down, even when hit with personal tragedy.

The insanity that was captured, and quoted as one of the best live performances in Indonesia to be caught on DVD. And with reviews claiming Death Vomit are as ruthless on stage as they are in the studio, it only lifts the hype to get them to travel the seas to the West!

Come 2010 saw the re-release of The Prophecy on Xenophobic Records and a brand new single in 2011, Transgression. A brutal attack on all senses, working or not, this is one intense four minutes-worth of pure and dirty filth!

From start to finish, the breakdowns are juicy, the movements and groves are unpredictable and, in its entirety, it is exhaustingly crushing.

Now we must all sit patiently until this trio of mentalists unveils their third, full-length instalment, rumoured to be later on this year. Watch this space, or at the very least watch their Facebook page.


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