Review: Ministry, Relapse

By Jake Rivett

Ministry currently consist of members from Static-X (a band that knows a thing or two about industrial metal), as well as Prong (a band that knows a thing or two about thrash), and that is where this mix of everything has, quite clearly, come together and culminated in this brewing pot.

Relapse, the comeback album is a pummeling set of tunes that  are as relentless as they are fast.

Everything’s so quick that without the industrial elements it would be pure thrash, even all of the solos are thrash orientated.

It feels like a metal head rally call to get together and do something positive, as demonstrated with United Forces. Seemingly, this is what Ministry are all about.

Each song, from the opening track, Ghouldiggers, has an objective: to poke fun at the music industry. The riffs and drumming are relentless and the speed, chugging and vocals really serve as the driving force.

There are other subjects approached like drugs culture, and mention of Occupy movement, an international protest group against social and economic inequality, and this mish mash of ideas is what makes the album work.

Frontman, Al Jourgensen, adds his interesting voice to the mix, which seems to consist of melodic shouting alongside rhythmic talking.

It’s all heavily edited but it works, and the huge range of samples always seem to end up in the right place.

The album doesn’t really slow down untill the title track; a mid-paced tune that loses some of the industrial elements, but remains solid.

Ultimately this is a thrash album with industrial influences and a punk rock attitude, like Weekend Warrior.

Make no bones about it, this is an album that has to be played loud.

Relapse by Ministry is out now through AFM Records.

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