Review: Halestorm, The Strange Case Of…

By Jake Rivett

Halestorm presents us with a rock album full of pop sensibilities. It’s basically a step up from pop singer Pink, but a step down from something like Sixx: A.M.

It’s cheesy and works on a great level, with a kind of, rock ‘n’ roll spirit about it. When the band wants to do a balls-out, cursing rebel-rock song – it works. On the flip side, when they want to do emotive (if typical) ballad – it also works.

Each song is ladened with enough hooks to sell thousands if released. This is down to the hugely catchy songwriting and Lzzy Hale’s amazing voice, that goes from vulnerable highs to almost snarled rock style shouting, alongside Joe Hottinger’s hooks that are a complete throwback to the 80s yet, at the same time, manages to keep a modern rock edge.

The track played on hit TV musical show, Glee, Here’s To Us, remains undeniably catchy and won’t fail to make you nod your head and smile. An album this solid deserves much credit. Every track stands out on its own, whether as a classic rock ‘n’ roll anthem or a soul bearing ballad that would make any 80s hair metal band proud.

One way to define The Strange Case Of… would be to say it’s a feel-good album, which is stamped all over it. It manages to walk the fine line between mainstream and aggressive, underground metal.
The album sounds like it should be on in the background in a dingy rock bar, if you’re a metal purist this could be the album that’s going to be your guilty pleasure in 2012.

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