Job For a Cowboy’s Jonny Davy talks politics, touring and Demonocracy

By Georgi Bomb

Having recently completed the Metal Hammer’s Destroyers of the Faith tour, Job For a Cowboy now move on to prepare for Summer Slaughter and rejoin label mates, Cannibal Corpse as well as Between the Buried and Me, The Faceless, Cerebral Bore and more.

Job for a Cowboy‘s dedication and strong work ethic led to debut album, Ruination and it’s predecessor, Genesis to hit huge sales and they became one of the first bands to utilise social media, which lead them to success (Anyone remember Myspace?). With all that behind them now, and with their newest album, Demonocracy out now. Frontman and leader of the pack, Jonny Davy stops by for a brief Q and A with Culture Bomb.

Georgi Bomb: How was the Destroyers of the Faith tour?
Jonny Davy: It was a lot of fun. Such an amazing tour to be a part of, I really wish it was simply longer.

GB: What is your opinion of the large touring bills; Summer Slaughter, Destroyers of the Faith and Thrash and Burn and what do you think they do for the fans/industry?
JD: For the fans, it’s more bang for your buck. For the bands, it’s an amazing avenue to make new fans. I can’t see any real negative aspect of it through and through.

GB: Your latest album, Demonocracy is due out next month, tell us more about it?
JD: It’s a very political driven record. Speaking of the true evils of the world. The artwork speaks for itself in that regard.

GB: How did you approach writing this time?
JD: We spent a solid ten months off to write and record the album, the longest we’ve ever had at this point. Being spread across the United States we had to shoot our opinions an ideas through the internet. Worked out great in the long run.

GB: Your debut LP, Genesis and Ruination hit huge sales, do you ever want to hit that success again? Does it add pressure when writing?
JD: Obviously we would love to hit those big numbers again. That’s a no brainer. Pressure however? No. We’re really just having a good time writing the music we legitimately enjoy.
GB: In what way does Demonocracy progress from past albums?
JD: It’s a much more technical album for starters. Even the song writing has a lot of story telling involved. I feel it’s by far the most mature album we’ve put out to date.

GB: To discuss that point, you’ve also been quoted as saying Ruination is ‘immature in comparison to Demonocracy’, can you expand on this comment?
JD: I still stand by the comment. It’s just goes back to what I said earlier, better song writing and huge steps forward in technicality.

GB: What have the various line up changes done for the dynamic in JFAC?
JD: Improvement. When a member leaves we make sure first priority is to find someone who is better than the last.

GB: The death metal genre is ever growing – how do you personally stand out?
JD: We are a death metal band with a punk rock attitude lyrically and on stage. We try to avoid being the “stock” persona of other bands that seem to come and go. We’re just having a lot of fun with what we’re doing.

GB: Are you coming back to the UK for a full tour soon?
JD: We are in the works of it at the moment. Personally I can’t wait, it’s always an amazing atmosphere over there.

GB: What do you have planned for the rest of 2012?

GB: Any final thoughts?
JD: Check out Demonocracy!

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