Ronnie James Dio ‘Devil Horns’ Competition

Celebrate the release of Ronnie James Dio’s Last in Line, Sacred Heart and Holy Diver deluxe editions by taking part in Dio’s Devil Horns competition and win yourself some fantastic prizes!

Dio was a true legend in every sense of the word.

Aside from the music, he also popularised the ‘Devils Horns’ hand gesture that has truly entered pop culture so that it isn’t just for rockers.

To celebrate the release of the deluxe editions of Last In Line, Sacred Heart & Holy Diver and as the ultimate tribute to Dio, we want to see YOUR Devil’s Horns photos!

Get creative with your photos; the more extreme, crazy or barmy the better and it can be of you, your mates, your gran and cat if you fancy.

You could be in with a chance to win, quite possibly, the ultimate-Dio fan prize, including of tour shirts, CDs, hats, limited edition merchandise, the impeccable Dio back catalogue and more.

To enter, head on over to the Dio’s Devil Horns page or alternatively, upload your photo to Flickr and tag it with “Dio’s Devil Horns”.

Culture Bomb asked readers for some examples to inspire, so horns up and good luck!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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