In Focus: Must Destroy Jewellery

By Georgi Bomb

Interesting and eye-catching accessories can be difficult to come by.

Although the high street stores offer the occasional quirky piece, it can be disheartening to find thousands of others sporting the same thing.

This is the unfortunate thing with high street – it’s affordable, by everyone.

An influx in online boutiques over recent years has enabled us to find an array of beautiful and innovative designs; much more eye-catching than some of the mass-produced stuff too.

Must Destroy Jewellery is a company that originated from the above frustrations.

Clare Shepherd decided to start making her own designs after being unable to find anything she liked already in the shops.

When she did however, she objected paying out the small fortune they were charging.

Now celebrating its fifth birthday all this month of April, Clare has remained fully dedicated to expanding and growing her company. And she has big plans for the future.

“I decided to just do it myself.” She said, “I started to make bits for myself and then began to get requests from friends and family.

“My friend invited me to hold a stall at a local live music venue once a month and after interest grew, I set up a Facebook page and then a website.

“My future plans would be to get my stuff in tattoo studios. That would be amazing!

I’m currently collecting votes to enable me to get an Enterprise Nation grant, the extra funding would really help me buy all the stock and promotional material needed to take me a step closer to getting into some studios.”

Since the beginning, Clare has gone on to feature her projects at vintage and handmade fairs in Leigh on Sea, Essex.

Also, she holds regular stalls with her local Roller Derby team, The Seaside Siren Roller Girls, and at the Kustom Kulture Blast Off event in Spalding, Peterborough.

Aside from the desire to want to wear unique accessories, Clare tells us what else inspired her to DIY her jewellery.

“I love to dress up my own outfits with accessories, they can really make an outfit and are perfect for either dressing up or down a look.

“To me, the possibilities are endless when it comes to accessories – they’re so versatile which makes them so much fun to make.”

Must Destroy Jewellery has built up into a vast range of pin-up inspirations, 50s Rockabiliy style and some true innovative designs. “My inspiration comes from tattoo art and all things weird and wonderful.

“I’m a huge tattoo addict,” she reveals, “and really love the old Sailor Jerry style tattoo’s. Tattoo’s are just as, if not more, versatile as accessories so again, the limits to what you can create are endless.”

Currently an online-based shop, are there any plans to expand to physical stores or high street shops?

“I often get asked about being in ‘big’ stores, but to be honest, that doesn’t appeal to me. MDJ strives to be as unique as possible, which is pretty hard these days, I’d hate to see it mass marketed and plonked in the high street.”

It’s impossible to have a ‘quick look’ over the range on offer here, the tattoo-inspired range really have an authentic quality to them and are so detailed and vibrant in colour.

The adorable volume rings are incredibly unique. The skeleton and rose combination is nothing short of stunning and to say simplistically eye-catching would be an understatement.

The vintage range has a horror twist that is simply divine! It must be repeated that it is impossible to browse quickly, there is so much that grabs you!

If you have your own creation lurking deep, there is a chance it could be made into a real design.

Clare loves custom designs. The most popular are hearts and scrolls with specific wording or copies of tattoo designs [see key necklace below].

She also has received some unusual requests too. The most recent being ten medals for the The Seaside Siren Roller Girls annual awards ceremony (pictured below). There really are no limits with Must Destroy Jewellery.

“It’s hard to pin point one highlight for MDJ. I’m proud of the fact that after nearly five years the shop is still going strong and that I’ve been able to move further afield in regards to the craft fairs outside of my local area.” Clare says, modestly.

“I get lots of lovely comments from people at the stalls I hold as well as on the wall of my Facebook page.” She continues, “It’s always nice to hear from happy customers, it’s a great feeling to know you have created something they love.

To support Must Destroy Jewellery then please go vote at the Enterprise Nation.

Catch Must Destroy Jewellery stalls at The Siren, a roller derby bout on April 21 and on September 1 and 2 at Kustom Kulture Blast Off.

Must Destroy Jewellery will be offering a month of specials throughout April, so logon to Facebook and have a peek!


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