Live review: Destroyers of the Faith at O2 ABC, Glasgow

By Georgi Bomb

Metal Hammer’s Destroyers of the Faith appears in Glasgow tonight, and judging from the queue heading round the block at the O2 ABC, it is clear the extreme metal scene is still going strong in Scotland.

Job for a Cowboy, Enslaved, Triptykon and Cannibal Corpse (Check out Culture Bomb’s interview with Cannibal Corpse) are all ready and waiting to bring the dark, heavy and brutal music that is set to damage every single ear in the gigantic ball room this evening.

JFAC are opening; after suffering some delays relating to their van’s weight and dispensing equipment in the hands of a rather nice manager of Tesco somewhere along the way.

Despite opening to a rather small crowd, their sound was quite the opposite and included an insight into what we can expect from upcoming album, Democracy.

JFAC exhausted themselves to what seemed like an emotionless gathering, as they tore through Imperium Wolves and Black Discharge from the new record. Dark, mean and highly polished, bring on Democracy – out in April 2012.

Plastic Idols from the latest EP seemed to spark interest and the band tore through the remainder of their set, with minimal interaction before announcing final track, Embedded, and quickly running off the stage.

Perhaps the travel difficulties left a slight sour taste in their mouth. Their musicianship was high in quality but their hearts just weren’t in it.

No surprises who was playing next as a sea of faded Enslaved shirts belly flopped their way through the masses to get their prime spot. Dedicated fans of the band were on a total high during the six-song set.

Enslaved did very little to impress this evening and remained completely uninteresting throughout Fusion of Sense and Earth, Ground and Giants.

Eye lines raised across the room and were slightly captivated by the highlight of the set, Zepplin’s Immigrant Song, before finishing with Isa and exiting the stage with reasonable speed.

Fortunately the night lifted as Tom and the Triptykon gang ferociously growled and powered their way through four tracks of almighty gloom.

Goetia and The Prolonging definitely pleased the masses although the twenty minute finale proved a struggle for some. Leading man, Tom Warrior paced about the stage in a laid back manner proving there is no need to throw yourself about in a clown style when your music is this big, that’s for sure.

Whatever people thought of the three bands, pretty much everyone was here to see the men of the hour – Cannibal Corpse. Coming back to the UK after touring Europe, they delivered more brutality and more aggression in a blistering assault of metal.

George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher’s neck can be seen by those even at the very back of the room as it catapults his head around during Evisceration Plague. Paul Mazurkiewicz’s head, on the other hand, remains perfectly still as the blast beats keep on coming.

One area everyone is excited about is the new album and they waste no time in laying into the highly intense, Demented Aggression, before the filthy groove of Scourge of Iron kicks in – the two lead singles from Torture.

In true Cannibal Corpse style, Fucked with a Knife is dedicated to the ladies before they fly through Born in a Casket and The Wretched Spawn.

It is not long before the encore comes around and they set themselves a challenge of performing three tracks back to back. Priests of Sodom, Unleashing the Bloodthirsty and Make Them Suffer. There is one word for this – extreme.

After a performance of this magnitude, it isn’t any wonder why Cannibal Corpse remain the kings of death metal. Still highly polished yet staying filthy enough to keep their throne, proven by their latest album. Clearly there is still plenty more to come!

Torture is out now, via Metal Blade Records


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