Shottle Bop – Putting Things In Bottles For Top Alternative Jewellery

By Kayleigh Herbertson

For alternative jewellery, Shottle Bop is a an excellent, UK-based, online company that offers a spectacular range of jewellery and home accessories for those with dark style or an alternative leaning.

Offering small bottle pendants, Shottlebop manages to take the traditional bottle necklace and give it a quirky new style thanks to designs such as “Cthulhu’s Call”, “Awesome Sauce”, “Strumpet Water” and “Zombie-be-Gone”.

They also feature traditional designs such as “Poison” necklaces, but Shottle Bop also allows you to customise your alternative jewellery. This includes the colour of the liquid, whether or not to add glitter and their tiny, delightful silver spoons (which are made by hand).

You can also adjust the chain length and opt for silver or black depending on your choice of pendant. All these details leave you with a necklace that feels absolutely unique to you and the incredible text you’ll find on their website leaves you in no doubt that Shottle Bop is a product of passion, with genuine enthusiasm and care thrown into every product.

A custom made Shottle Bop Pendant

The Shottle Bop pendant is quite small, measuring 2.5cm including the cork but you don’t have to worry about them going unnoticed.

The bright range of colours you can choose for the filling, plus the ornate looking, Victorian style labels make these pendant necklaces the ideal choice for many.

You can even order custom bottles where you choose what’s on the labels. These are a little more to pay but Shottle Bop offers deals on bulk orders of ten or more, making them a fun choice for parties or if you and your friends all want matching funky accessories (as a side note, these would be great for friendship necklaces if you’re after something a little different to the usual).

They are also constantly offering new designs if you want to stick with the mad ideas of the Doctor (no, not that Doctor) and their Facebook page also offers many giveaways and deals.

When wearing out, Shottlebop are quick to point out that their products are made of glass and that you can’t drink them.

That obvious tit-bit aside, they are comfortable to wear, lightweight and look great. People do get curious about your new jewellery and this reviewer has had many comments and giggles about the designs. Well thought out and totally kitsch, Shottle Bop is a great choice for jewellery and with most of their necklaces being priced at £10, they are fantastic value for money too!


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