Review: Therapy? – A Brief Crack of Light

By Jake Rivett

If you’re a fan of Therapy?, you know that despite not making magazine front covers and headlining huge tours, this band has been working damned hard for the last few years.

Their latest album, A brief crack of light, sounds more americanised than previous effort, Crooked Timber, but still of equal quality and it certainly hasn’t lost the magic spark that makes Therapy? sound like Therapy?.

It’s a fitting addition to the Therapy? collection. The entire album feels less meaningful than Timber, which seems to have soul searching right down to the core, whereas the production is similar with heavy bass and a lot less reverb is used throughout, giving it a nice clean feel.

Marlon, the third track is instrumental. Unusual to have one so early on, but that’s how this band rolls and it works well. Despite the first single, Stark Raving Sane, being in the second half of the album, the first half is still the stronger of the two.

Stark Raving Sane sounds like most other Therapy? singles – weird, unusual, yet catchy.

The album doesn’t really make a misfire and is a great set of ten tunes that could sit well in a live set of both old and new material. At the same time though it has no real impact.

The final track, Ecclesiastes, is odd; switching between creepy and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s also the slowest track but don’t be fooled, it isn’t just a bog standard love song. The chorus mournfully proclaims that ‘everything under the sun is absurd’ – how cheerful.

One thing you can be sure of, is that the entire album is a roller coaster from hell. It has to be said it’s not fair of people to constantly ask when the band are going to make another Troublegum, as clearly the band have completely moved on and are doing different things now.

A Brief Crack of Light is a clear example of this and hopefully it is the start of things to come. Despite the band’s evolution, it is sure to be enjoyed by fans, old and new alike.

A Brief Crack of Light is out now, via Blast Records


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