Lamb of God – Resolution

By Jake Rivett

Resolution is Lamb of God’s sixth album and it may have made the band’s first potential mis-step in that the album is so thick, it’s like trying to wade through the audio version of syrup.

The production feels tighter and less live than on Wrath, an album that signaled the direction that Resolution took by being a grower.

The album makes great heavy metal background music but not a lot more. Get the tracks on their own, sandwiched in between something that isn’t LOG and they fare well. The album itself melds into one long ode to LOG.

This is a signature style that has served the band well thus far but perhaps it’s time to change the tune.

It isn’t a bad record but it isn’t a great one and there is a lot of pressure upon this band to perform great, as they are currently one of the most recognisable heavy metal bands in the world.

There are no new stylistic changes to speak of, no real memorable choruses the new weapon added to the arsenal is: Strings, on the final track (King Me) there are also operatic style female vocals in play, making this for sure the standout track on the whole album, which out of fourteen tracks is a disappointment.

The Number Six has a pretty huge chorus on it, and a chant part that also makes it a little different to the ears, mixed well with quieter parts.

Overall the album is probably one for strict LOG fans only, someone seeking familiar ground, comforting territory.

For those looking for something new, or hoping the band would produce something groundbreaking will be quite disappointed.

Check out an interview with Randy and Mark, talking about the new album.

Resolution by Lamb of God is out now, via Roadrunner Records.


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