Goatwhore’s bassist discusses new album: “There is a little more variety and heavy metal on this album”

By Georgi Bomb

Photo credit: Nathaniel Shannon

Exhibiting a labyrinth of moods and meticulous tempo shifts, Blood For The Master is streamlined without ever rendering itself predictable. As memorable as it is menacing, the band’s fifth full-length quite literally writhes under the weight of its own deviant heaviness.

Goatwhore have joined forces once again with Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Agonistic Front) to produce this ten-track monster, set for release in the UK on February 13 through Metal Blade Records.

If you can’t wait that long for the release date then head over to Pitchfork.com where they are streaming the third single, Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred World.

No lengthy intro tracks and no gradual build up; Goatwhore’s fifth album doesn’t bother with whetting the appetite and building excitement. Seriously, why bother when you can go headfirst straight into full intensity?

If ever there was opening track to grab you by the throat and demand your full attention, Collapse in Eternal Worth is it. So what is the album all about? “Simply put,” says bassist James Harvey, “ten new Goatwhore songs – I don’t want to paint any sort of picture ahead of time.

“We like to leave it to the listener to decide their own opinion.”

One thing that really stands out overall on the album is the ever-so subtle changes in tone that lift and drop throughout, giving the album that nature of unpredictability. Then of course, there are hooks that literally ingrain themselves onto your brain, refusing to move, while the riffs literally slap you about the chops.

This unpredictability that lies deep within the album is important to the band, as Harvey explains: “It is part of what makes our music unique and cool.  We don’t
necessarily do the same thing for a whole album.  We tend to get pretty goddamn bored in that situation.”

So it is unpredictable, but avoids overkill. It is a listenable album, there are parts that you can really sink into without having to worry about random changes to ruin the mood.

When the second track kicks in, When Steel and Bone Met, there’s a real 80’s vibe, almost treading onto Motorhead territory. The tempo soon slows down for In Deathless Tradition but the subtle changes remain, turning darker but with the hooks remaining firmly in place but one downside is that the song structure risks growing repetitive.

Things quickly speed up again and highlight track on the album, Judgement of the Bleeding Crown throws in everything that is Goatwhore – guitar solos, fast drums, addictive riffs and raspy blackened snarls.

With four albums firmly under their belt, how has it differed recording their fifth in comparison to the previous releases? “The recording seems to get smoother as time goes on, lots of practicing helps that.

“Writing the material took about 6 months and we went through a lot of material to get it right.” Says Harvey.

A noticeable difference from previous album, Carving Out the Eyes of God, is that it seems to have a bit more ‘fire’ – it is definitely more heavy. Harvey agrees: “In my opinion there is a little more variety and heavy metal on this album. Also a little heavier production.”

In time for Blood for the Masters release, Goatwhore will be on tour with Hate Eternal, Fallujah and UK’s latest sensation, Cerebral Bore. “I hope it is a good tour, I think it will be.

“We will be out with Lock-Up for a week and a half or so leading up to that, so at that point we will be already used to being back on the road – the same familiar feelings: hangovers, sore necks, etc.” Says Harvey.

“I’m looking forward to hitting the road with Rutan and Co. I have never heard or met Fallujah or Cerebral Bore…looking forward to checking them out.”

What else is happening tour wise for the band? “A European tour is in the works for May,” says James, “but I have no details to announce yet.

“We are working on an Australian tour, and another US tour later in the summer. That is about all I know as of now.”

Blood for the Master by Goatwhore will be released February 13 via Metal Blade Records.


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