Review: Dawn of Ashes, Farewell to the Flesh EP

By Georgi Bomb

It’s been a while since the release of Genocide Chapters – two years in fact – and Dawn of Ashes are clearly getting itchy feet.

The release of Farewell to the Flesh EP on Valentine’s Day (slightly ironic) features three, brand new tracks and then a series of remixes from the 2010 full length album. 

For one, the EP is filthy; second, it’s dark and to chuck a third one in there, maybe it’s twisting back to their former, EBM days.

All tracks were recorded and mixed between Patrick Mundy, Volkar Kael, and Kristof Bathory at the home studios of Ross Robinson, Volkar, and Kristof.

Farewell to the Flesh, Torture Device Part 2, and instrumental track, Blood-Shed With the 3rd Eye, are all highly individual tracks and have different qualities to each.

The title tune, Farewell to the Flesh is a gritty, dirty number. Almost harmonic in places but the dirt incasing the raw sound most certainly overwhelms here Consider Cradle of filth scrapping with Dimmu Borgir but not quite as good.

There are slight weaknesses to the opening number as the chunky riffs promise so much but then fail to deliver and don’t progress anywhere.

Check out an album preview video below (WARNING! VIDEO CONTAINS VIOLENT AND SEXUAL IMAGES. NSFW):

Torture Device Part 2, the second new track is intense and moves along a bit more whilst still holding that distinctly dark sound. The final newbie and final tune on the album, Bloodshed with the Third Eye is one minute and two seconds of random noise.

The remix tracks seem to lack something although it is imposible to pinpoint what. It could do with being a bit thicker in sound.

Putting aside this slight emptiness, the synths give it a fresh edge, pulling it firmly into the industrial territory.

Another nice touch is the haunting intros which appear on every song, giving it a bit more form and order alongside the coarse and filthy noise.

The EP features three remixes of Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space and luckily, there is no dubstep in sight.

To chose one of these remixes, Falling Skies would have to be the winner. Mixing ambient sounds with full on goth/industrial make it an interesting listen and being unable to tell its direction.

A nice addition for any die-hard fan of Dawn of Ashes or maybe an electronic fan – but intrigued people may find themselves a bit disappointed.

The digital EP, Farewell to Flesh, by Dawn of Ashes is out via Metal Blade Records on February 14 and can be ordered through ITunes.


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