Live Review: Black Dahlia Murder, Skeletonwitch and Fleshgod Apocalypse, Glasgow

By Georgi Bomb

Friends old and new join together at the Cathouse in Glasgow tonight.

With headliners Black Dahlia Murder and Fleshgod Apocalypse coming from last year’s Summer Slaughter tour and to top off the showcase,  they are joined by Skeletonwitch, in support of Forever Abomination. 

An absolutely rammed venue this evening as  Italian extreme metallers, Fleshgod Apocalypse, make a punctual start, dressed in full Fleshgod warpaint.

Unfortunately, the 30 minute set wasn’t near long enough to really showcase the band however the audience stood mesmerised as they tore through tracks from the latest release Agony, such as The Hypocrisy and lead single, The Violation.

Despite being the opening band for the evening, the crowd was huge and enjoyed the total brutality mixed with the clean vocals and symphonic sounds.

It was strange they didn’t whip everyone up into frenzy; more deafened them into a zombie state of awe.

All of this is more than positive though, a definite highlight for the evening. (Check out an interview with Cristiano from Fleshgod Apocalypse.)

US, blackened thrash misters and all round nice guys Skeletonwitch make absolutely no worries about boshing into their set.

Playing an array of tunes from their newest album, Forever Abomination and their debut, Beyond the Permafrost plus a few extras thrown in to boot.

Choke Upon Betrayal, Within My Blood and The Horrifying Force were all met with cheers, pushing and flying limbs as the crowd appear to have woken up suddenly.

Skeletonwitch played very straight up tonight, there was no messing around except for the occasional shout out to the crowd to ensure they were still there.

A rather disappointingly messy, and borderline boring performance.

It can be safely said that the evening was all about the Black Dahlia Murder and the room erupted as they stormed on stage with no need for any intro tracks.

With the success of their fifth album, Ritual, BDM concentrate mainly on this album.

Energetically  tearing around the stage to Conspiring with the Damned and Moonlight Equilibrium.

It doesn’t take long for vocalist, Trevor Strnad to strip away his shirt and spray the crowd with sweat as he throws himself around, leaning off the stage to address the audience.

Energetic would definitely be one way to describe BDM’s performance, and they kept this up with as much stamina at the end as there was at the beginning.

It wasn’t all new tunes from these guys as they had no choice but to throw in a few of the classics from Deflorate, Miasma and Nocturnal before saying goodnight and quickly disappearing from sight.

A very quick encore and a distinct absence of one of their most well-known tunes meant only thing; the entire night was brought to a satisfying and sweaty close with What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse.


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