90’s grunge fashion makes a welcome return

By Celeste Carrigan

Miss Selfridge's Burgundy Rock Print Vest £20

Pull out your old pair of Dr Martens and floral maxis dresses.

The style famed during the music era of Nirvana, Hole and Pearl Jam is well and truly back on our high streets.

This style is all about getting the right combination of punk style clothing with practical outdoor wear.

In its heyday, the clothing was durable but cheap and for many, it didn’t matter if you ended up discovering your clothes were covered in cigarette burns after a gig as the clothing can be still worn this way.

Topshop's 90's Floral slip dress, £38

In fact, it was these marks that became an important part of  grunge fashion.

If you remember one thing though, it’s that the most important part of grunge is layering. Think t-shirts and flannel shirts.

This look is well and truly back with high street fav, Topshop, offering a how-to guide on their website.

Topshop Sleevless Grunge Check Shirt £26

Flannel shirts, baggy tees, hoodies and Converses are set to be this season’s staples if you’re wanted to rock the 90’s fashion era.

Throw on an iconic check shirt, distressed band t shirts and worn denims and to complete the look, it’s all about the black eye liner.

For that authentic Seattle 90’s grunge, opt for a flannel shirt, chosen for their warmth and cheapness.

If flannel isn’t your thing, the high street has some great twists on the trend.

Topshop’s sleeveless grunge check shirt (£26), is perfect for those warmer days, if not, team with a plain long sleeved top.

Dorothy Perkins Pink and Blue Check Shirt £22

To add a bit of colour, take a look at Dorothy Perkins’ pink and blue check shirt (£22).

Or try layering up a band t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt.

Team Miss Selfridge’s burgundy rock print vest (£20) with stonewashed jeans and an open checked shirt.

You can of course, wear any shirt you feel comfortable in however, it is best to avoid bold colours.

For a more feminine take, look for floral dresses like Topshop’s 90’s floral grunge slip dress (£38).

Team with worn, grungy boots and chunky knits. For some inspiration think Courtney Love.

New Look's Little Mistress Floral Tiered Maxi Dress £39.99

New Look’s Little Mistress tiered floral Maxi (£39.99), adds just the right amount of feminine.

Wear with a light hoodie, worn leather jacket and some old Dr Martens.

The one thing to complete this look is ripped denim. Maybe you have an old pair of jeans or an old denim jacket – why not customise them?

Go crazy – tears, rips, colour or add some patches.

If you are’t feeling all that creative then there are some perfect pre-made options out there.

Be sure they are loose fitting or baggy – skinny jeans are a definite no no.

Grunge is all about being worn and looking old, so team some of your store bought items with something you might find in a vintage or charity shop.

Urban Outfitters Levi's 501s £45

Urban outfitters vintage: UO Renewal, offers some great vintage clothing perfect for the grunge look. Like Vintage Renewal Levi’s 501s (£45).

Now for outwear, it’s really your choice; cardigans, jumpers and hoodies can all be worn.

Back in its heyday large knit cardigans were a popular choice and today is no different.  Just make sure they are baggy.

Hoodies can be worn one of two ways; if you are partial to a thin light hoodie, why not wear it under your shirt.

If it’s a thick hoodie you prefer, the best way to wear it is over the top. Remember your layers here; you could add a denim jacket or a cardigan.

Now don’t forget your footwear. Dr Martens, Converse and biker boots are best.

Blowfish tribecca boots £75

Dr Martens 1460 Boot, £95

Converse All star hi black canvas £41.99

Whatever you chose to wear, there are no real set rules to grunge fashion, just wear what feels right.

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