A healthy new year

By Kelly McGarry

The New Year is indeed upon us and if, like me, you’ve made yet another resolution to get fit and stay in shape, you’re probably going to be trying some new fad diets.

Over the years I have tried nearly every eating plan, diet, or ‘lifestyle change’ going, some have worked and some haven’t. I can’t tell you what is going to be the right one for you, but here’s a few tips to help you get started.

To begin, I always take that first big, horrible step onto my personal arch nemesis- The Scales. It’s hard the first time but I feel so proud of myself when I know how many pounds I’ve lost since starting a diet.

The easiest and least complicated way I’ve found to lose weight is actually one of the more obvious ones; counting calories. It’s old school but it helped me drop 3 dress sizes in what seemed like no time.

What I liked about it was I didn’t have to give up any of the foods I love- I just had to work out what to sacrifice to have them.

First, ask your doctor what the recommended calorie intake is for someone of your height and build and how many you can eat to stay healthy and still lose weight.

After that, it’s mostly a case of keeping track of how many calories are in what you eat and drink. I recommend keeping a small diary with you to help you keep count.

If you are the type of person who works best with the support of a group or a friend I would recommend maybe joining one of the weight loss groups. I know what you’re thinking, but they’re not all like Fat Fighters on Little Britain, many of them actually do the trick.

It can be hard trying to get fit on your own but knowing that you’ve got the support of a group of people who are all in the same boat can make a world of difference and keep you motivated.

The main draw back to the groups for me was the cost. If you’re a bit strapped for cash maybe just get a friend or family member to work out a healthy eating plan with you and go through it together.

If you don’t like the idea of following a particular diet or eating plan, maybe a ‘lifestyle change’ is right you.

I tried being a pescatarian (not eating any meat other than fish) for a year and while I was still getting protein, it eliminated the option of eating rubbish fast food like burgers, sausage rolls or deep fried chicken. It didn’t take too long to adapt and I wasn’t missing out on the things I love. Again, speak to your doctor about what will work for you.

Exercise is also important if you want to get fit; joining a gym or class is great if you have the cash, but jogging or following an exercise DVD can work and is great fun too.

Before starting any kind of get fit scheme, always consult your doctor or an expert about how to do it in a healthy way. There’s no point in trying to get fit and healthy by making yourself ill. That’s just silly.


2 thoughts on “A healthy new year

  1. Kelly McGarry, excuse me if this is a bit off the subject, but… This will make any

    person furious: Diets really lead you to gain weight in the long term and that has become more and more evident in the unhealthy weight epidemic that\\\\\\\’s

    hurting this kind of fast food, minimal activity generation. Are you aware that stadium seating really need to be increased in order to aid the increase in

    individuals growing, ahem…girth? It implies that we are being

    a even bigger place (and never in any great way) individuals than all of us have ever have prior to now which is before 2 full decades alone. Our young people are afflicted by excessive weight associated

    circumstances for instance having diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

    I just read that in a research project 70 heavy Western young children from the age range of 6 to 19 were actually exposed to many battery of checks to observe the actual result that the diet loaded with fat had on the youthful

    figures. The results ended up being eye opening. All had

    high cholesterol levels and also were within the high-risk group of getting coronary disease and heart malfunction which a number of subjects are already expressing indication of.

    Will there ever be any sort of hope

    for any of us? I contemplate the answer is you bet. Apparently

    all we end up needing is without a doubt some diet and exercise. We all ought to embark on doing this Immediately!

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