The new wrap for your lips

Trendy Lip Wraps

By Kayleigh Herbertson

Trendy Lip Wraps are a new addition to cosmetics, inspired by a similar design created in America by Violent Lips.

Both these designs work as temporary tattoos for the lips and are designed to replace lipstick or lip gloss, perhaps on a night out.

At £10 for a set of three, these lip wraps don’t come cheap and they last for up to four hours. The plus side? Trendy claims that these cosmetics will not be affected by food or drink and already offer an immense range of designs and vibrant colours that you couldn’t hope to achieve with lipstick or lipgloss.

Jessie J was photographed wearing a pair of Union Jack lip wraps, instantly becoming an alternative statement and making any woman who wears them ahead of the crowd.

I purchased a set of red kiss Trendy Lip Wraps from Black, one of the many stockists that are appearing across the country. I had a go applying them and here are the results:

After I stopped filming, I soon discovered that my habit for chewing on my lower lip absolutely destroyed much of the design. Very much like sunburnt skin, the temporary tattoo can be pulled off in flakes.

I also found the edges came loose after a few hours and, if I wasn’t distracted, this became quite annoying as I became aware of the false coating. Of course, on a night out I think you would absolutely forget about them and the other designs that don’t require legibility probably give far better effects.

They are heavy expensive but if you want something that will instantly create a splash without requiring any maintenance then maybe you should give these a go.


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