Love gothic footwear, no matter your style

New Rock Boots

By Kayleigh Herbertson

It’s something of a stereotype, but alternative girls certainly seem to love their alternative footwear. As gothic rock raised to prominence, the options could have been seen as limited.

The ultimate status symbol for gothic men and women alike quickly became a pair of New Rock boots.

Handmade in Spain and initially designed for bikers, the hardwearing dark design with thick rubber soles made this brand an instant hit within gothic fashion, creating a truly distinctive style that was filled with attitude.

New Rock boots often feature chains, flames and any number of metal details. Their expansive range includes some of the most aggressive looking footwear around and have become an icon for gothic fashion that has been parodied time at time again.

At over £100 a pair though, it’s not surprising that New Rock style boots have also had their time in the sun.

The sleek black design, thick rubber sole and stylish buckle details are still an incredibly appealing choice but this look has almost become a gothic stereotype so it’s good to see new ranges of footwear offering girls a greater option of alternative shoes.

Iron Fist Hangman PlatformsIron Fist was set up in the US as a fashion brand for men initially, created by fusing several urban and extreme styles together.

Their t shirts and apparel became incredibly popular and eventually their brand extended to women’s footwear.

This must have been seen as a gamble at the time but Iron Fist are now one of the premier providers of extreme and cool high heeled shoes.

Offering everything from boots, platforms, flats and high heels, they aren’t afraid to cover their shoes in horror themed designs and the most extreme colours possible.

A complete revelation that proves gothic doesn’t always equal black, their latest range of footwear continues their tradition of extreme designs, which include eyeballs, zombies and Day of the Dead details.

Personal favourites include the Hangman design, available on platform heels and flats, covered in silver grinning skulls.

TUK Stiched High HeelsT.U.K have also explored the extremes of alternative footwear. Always focusing on bright and amazing designs, this American brand has also been experimenting with a more extreme style.

Horror is definitely in, with all the vampires and zombie designs we see everywhere, and its great seeing kitsch horror find its place on some truly alternative shoes!

T.U.K have also had a longstanding relationship with retro and pop art prints on their high heels, creating dazzling designs that will get you noticed!

Favourite from T.U.K?  It has to be their range of stitch-up shoes, creating a Frankenstein’s monster look that also manages to look utterly cute!

This isn’t to say that New Rocks no longer have their place in the alternative fashion scene, their boots are incredible to wear and there’s a reason they became an icon of gothic style.

What’s good for alternative fashion is choice, and for too long girls who’ve wanted to show off their dark side haven’t been able to get the perfect pair of heels to match their alternative attitude. Choice is the spice of life and that’s what you’ll find if you look into footwear from any of these three brands.

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