Eight things to buy your geek this Christmas

By Jake Rivett

Christmas is a wonderful time for everyone, but it’s an especially awesome time for geeks. They can hide themselves away with their new Blu – Ray box sets, computer games or ignore the whole happy family whilst reading their new comic book! So what do you buy a nerd? Are you stuck for what to get your geeky guy or gal this Christmas? Well fret no more, Culture Bomb have compiled a list of nerdy treats to please your loved ones this year.

8.  Geeky box sets

Believe me when I say any DVD box set will be appreciated. Hours upon hours of sci-fi goodness, American series or even old school film sets. It’s a gift that will be forced upon you for years to come.

7.  Pac Man alarm clock

What dedicated gamer wouldn’t want to wake up to a Pac Man alarm clock? Treat your geek to this smiley chap every morning!

6. Cute Xenomorph plushies

Yes, it’s odd to see ‘Xenomorph’ and ‘cute’ in the same sentence isn’t it? But your geek will love them if they are as fanatical about Alien as I am. So at night, no one will hear you scream, but theres always a cute facehugger to cuddle up too.

5.  A magazine subscription

Whether it be to Empire/Bizarre/Clint all geeks love reading, so give the gift of information, with a subscription to his favourite magazine!

4. Earmuff headphones

Winter is cold, not many of us tend like the cold! One thing most of us like, including geeks, is music. So whether it be rock, djent, pop, or LOTR style power metal; your geek can keep their ears toastie with a pair of these knitted ear muff headphones.

3.  Geek-shirts

Yes, you read that right, head on over to Nerdoh to get their favorite film shirt. For the more internet nerd, get yourself to Lolmart for some sweet Meme t-shirts and hoodies (my personal favourite is the Russian trolololol tee)

2. An X Rocker

Let your deek be comfy with their new copy of SKYRIM for Christmas in an X Rocker gamer chair. The perfect addition for the serious gamer.

1. Angry Birds Hat

Keep warm with these awesome Angry Birds hats, any  geek worth their salt will be totally addicted to this game like Elvis was to his burgers! This is something you know you should own to be geeky.

So there you have it, a geeks Christmas wish list,

Merry Geekmas


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