Punky Pins celebrate Christmas

By Georgi Bomb

Christmas Themed Junk Bracelet: £22.00

Personally, I find it extremely difficult to get into the Christmas spirit but since discovering the Punky Pins festive range, there has kind of been an added jingle in my step. Not only are Punky Pins truly innovative in design but they are also having a sale on too! Time for a treat this season!

First up, the Snowglobe Necklace may have a Christmas theme but truth be told it could be worn all year round. With a Nightmare Before Xmas vibe and what’s extra sweet are the snowflakes which wobble as if it were really snowing across on the silhouette village!

Snowglobe Necklace: Was £14, now £11.20

If it’s matching accessories that take your fancy and you are also the biggest fan of Christmas around, then you need to get your elfish little gloves on this fantastic Santa Claus design. Featuring a cute and brightly coloured charm bracelet with glittery hearts and Saint Nick’s beaming mug to catch the attention of all. It doesn’t end there though as you can also choose from matching earrings or Father Christmas studs, which also match the Cute Santa Face Necklace. All garish and gorgeous together.

Cute Santa Heart Bracelet: £10.00

It doesn’t have to be all brazen and glaringly obvious if that isn’t your thing. There are subtle odes to the festive season in the form of cute gingerbread men, icy snowflakes and adorable little penguins. My favourite has to be the Snowburst Necklace, with beautiful glacial snowflakes in various size and tones. Throw on the matching bracelet to really stand out as the Ice Queen.

Other absolutely precious must-haves include the Christmas Sleigh Ride Necklace, which boast a silhouette of Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. Then there are also the simply darling little reindeer earrings and cutesy, “Bambi” type necklace in a subtle maroon colour plus the Christmas Glitter Holly Broach will finish off any outfit.

Gingerbread Love Initial Necklace: £10.00

For any Punky Pin fan, it is all about the personalisation you can get across a range of designs. Well don’t panic because this range is no different. The Snowflake Initial Ring offers a few delicate snowflakes around a letter of your choice; there’s a charming Gingerbread Love Initial Necklace and a classic Christmas tradition  – the Candy Cane Initial Necklace.

All in all, it will certainly melt even the iciest of Scrooge hearts this Christmas (including my own) so I shall avoid saying bah humbug and instead, which you all a very Merry Christmas – but with an air of style of course!


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