Review: Edit Contact Lenses

Coloured contacts 1

By Kayleigh Herbertson

Coloured contacts are a simple and effective accessory to instantly change the colour of you eyes and are sold in many gothic and alternative boutiques. Edit pride themselves in being the premier provider of fashion lenses in Europe and they have more than enough selection for you to choose from!

I have chosen to try out their more natural coloured range, opting for their green tri-coloured, 90-day lenses. These lenses retail at £10-£15 and come in separate glass containers, securely sealed. To get the full 90-day wear out of them you need to purchase the separate eye lens kit, which is cheap at around £3 and can be used for whatever lenses you have (perfect if you want to try out different shades one after the other!).

 The tri-colour range of Edit contact lenses are designed to reflect the natural eye colour with a variety of shades and tones. The green isn’t nearly as intense as the box art leads you to believe, covering my blue eyes in what I felt was more of a hazel colour (clearly not the fault of my natural shade).

Whilst the lack of an intense green was something of a disappointment, these coloured contacts still managed to utterly mask my natural eye colour, a feature of the tri-tone range. Going for a natural shade can be very rewarding, as people are uncertain about whether your eyes have changed or not.

If you want to cause an instant stir then this range isn’t for you but it does give you new colour to play with and make your look more standalone. Edit contact lenses also come in a huge variety of bolder colours, including black, red, white out and many extreme designs that will be instantly noticeable. They also offer a range of UV coloured contacts, which have a solid colour under natural light and glow brightly under black light. For a look that will have people doing a double take, you really can’t beat that!

Coloured Contacts 3

Natural eye colour on the left for comparison

With regards to wearing Edit contact lenses, I found them a pain to get in at first. If you’ve not put in contacts before, I can assure you that you will eventually get the knack for it. You’ve really got to hold your eyes open, taking care to hold back your eyelashes as I found these were the main offenders for displacing my contact at a crucial moment.

Personally, I found it easiest to hold my top lid wide open and slide the contact lens underneath, though I’m sure everyone has their own tricks. Once in, I’ve had a variety of experiences; the first set I purchased caused me no issue at all and I could wear for hours at a time without even remembering I was wearing them.

My second pair I made the mistake of putting on AFTER make up and they have irritated me mildly ever since. This was something of a rookie mistake but an easy one to make, so ensure that your contacts don’t get any imperfections or powders in them which might damage your eye.

Using a computer for extended periods whilst wearing Edit contact lenses has caused me serious irritation, so make sure you’re on your way out when you put them on.

Coloured Contacts 2My previous pair of contacts were aqua blue and these produced a far more interesting colour. I don’t know if my natural blue boosted the shade at all but I was left with an intense colour that was picked up on by friends and strangers alike.

Admittedly, this colour was far more striking outdoors in natural sunlight than at night under florescent light but these are still the perfect accessory for easily accessible colour.

Whether you want to discreetly change your eye colour (picking a natural tone is a great way to throw people off, especially switching from brown to blue) or choose something extreme to match your look; coloured contacts are the ideal way to complete an outfit. And with many manufacturers offering prescription lenses and contacts that can last up to a year, there is no excuse not to express yourself!


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