Review: Aesthetic Perfection on the All Beauty Destroyed tour

By Celeste Carrigan

Aesthetic Perfection once again graced the Classic Grand in Glasgow with their industrial sounds. This time on their first Headliner tour All Beauty Destroyed, allowing them to play to their own fans, with a longer set than they are used to. They have a great following in the UK, thanks to them supporting the likes of Combichrist on tour and although they weren’t playing the main stage, they still rocked the night from the smaller stage. 

It might have been a dreary, damp night in Glasgow, but this didn’t stop the fans from showing their support. They came to hear some of the new material as well as some fan favourites off A violent emotion.

The crowd waited in anticipation, as Daniel Graves took to the stage in his white suit jacket, they broke into A nice place to visit; with a few instrumental hiccups, the crowd were already jumping. It may have taken them three attempts at the intro but they didn’t disappoint. Soon we got to hear Devils in the Details, a favourite for many off the new album. Once they finally got into the song, the crowd was up and enjoying the new music.

Inhuman – the latest single – was well received, resulting in nearly everyone leaping on their feet. The live set was truly dynamic – playing to both parts of their audience – fans of the old material and those who wanted to hear the new stuff.

The longer set allowed them to really please their fans, especially as the new album is only a few weeks old. Daniel Graves has great stage presence and really knows how to command his audience with the music. He strutted the smaller stage, singing right into the audiences faces. With the smaller, darker stage, the gig was much more intimate, which really allowed the crowd to get up close to the band.

Despite the hate the new album has been receiving since its release, the new sounds of Motherfucker where well received as the crowd danced and sang along.

As they continued their set, the crowd really came alive when Graves unleashed his dirtier and rougher vocals, which we are more accustomed to hearing on the likes of Pale.

The night continued to build, the more the crowd got worked up, the more they screamed as each song started. Tim thrashed the drums and Elliot, although after losing his suitcase on his travels seemed to be bashing the keys with perfect aggression on the keyboard.

Finishing the set with Great Depression, one of their more well-known tracks, which is where we really got to hear the great range and diversity in Grave’s voice. It was a sure crowd pleaser, with the guys bringing down the roof as everyone danced into the night.

The guys returned for a storming encore, playing one of their more well-known tracks Spit It Out.

Aesthetic Perfection gave a great show and achieved what they set out to do; give their fans a more dynamic and longer performance.

Read an interview with Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection.


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