Review: Time Out’s London (songs to define the city)

By Georgi Bomb

Hop on the London tour bus and take a trip down UK’s music history. Time Out Magazine presents London, featuring some of the UK’s prestigious acts from over the years. A must have for the true collector of London memorabilia for the digi-album contains a 24-page booklet and pull-out map, detailing the musical landscapes of the West End and Cameden.

There is an interesting range of artists on here but most will be enjoyed by britpop fans.  There are the classics such as The Kinks, Small Faces and Roxy Music but then the album touches across the 90s with Pulp and David Bowie in the 80s.

For any UK music lover,  may you embark on a Bill and Ted Adventure – through the eras and showcasing music that defined the country’s capital. It includes modern artists such as Jamie Cullem and Duffy also, plus, no British compilation is complete without The Pogues.

It would have been nice to have included a few more internationally-acclaimed artists, which were unfortunately absent on the 20-track compilation; The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison and Cream for example.  And if the Small Faces appeared then surely Rod Stewart should have shown his crop of fair hair.

Perhaps it was a purposeful move to avoid the iconic acts and include some which may occasionally get overlooked like Pet Shop Boys and The Jam. Whatever the reason, there is plenty of familiarity which compliments the variety well.

A great showcase of artists to define the city of London.

London is due for release November 28 through Universal


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