Review: Rival Sons at King Tuts, Glasgow

By Celeste Carrigan

American rock-blues four piece, Rival Sons embarked on their first UK headline tour, after supporting Evanescence in the US. The sold out crowd waited in anticipation for the guys and maybe some fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night. They are one of the latest additions to Earache Records and they fit the mold well with their jazz-infused, blues rock anthems.

The legendary Glasgow’s King Tuts Wah Wah Hut was a very fitting venue – intimate and gave great acoustics for the screaming, soulful vocals of lead vocalist, Jay Buchanan.

Famed for their raw, classic rock, Buchanan is like a retro rock idol, with clear influence from the likes of Robert Plant and Jim Morrison. He commanded the stage with his own confidence and swagger alone. Opening with one of their more well-known tracks, recently heard on the Real Steel Movie soundtrack, Torture.

The crowd went mental for the hit Burn Down Los Angeles off their new album Pressure and Time; the vocals – nothing short of awesome, with the combination of blues bass tones and guitars from Scott Holiday and Robin Everhart – Rival Sons did not disappoint.

The dirty rock n roll vibe continued throughout the night with the real power coming in from the melodic and erm, soulfulness in the song Soul, with a powerful message from the guys that it important to keep your own soul with all the vampires out there…right!

Get what’s Coming was like a time warp but brought the house down as the crowd screamed along in unison. It was here that Holiday’s guitar abilities are truly seen, appearing to come straight off a Led Zeppelin album.

Buchanan talks about playing at T in the Park and supporting Judas Priest: “This time it is our fuckin’ show, we don’t have to play for twenty minutes”. Well they certainly got to play their way tonight. Holiday’s raucous guitar riffs set Buchanan up for his whaling vocals on Sleepwalker.

The beer kept on flowing for the whole set whilst the audience got to enjoy the sweet sounds of not only their own music but a mash-up of Peter Green’s Oh Well with their own song Save Me. The roof nearly came off King Tuts tonight when they burst into Baby, Please Don’t Go, a song covered by many rock bands including AC/DC.

Rival Sons performance was pure, there was no need for a massive set piece or real fireworks. They just gave what the audience wanted and achieved what they wanted – in your face, full-on rock n roll.

Soon after the show, Rival Sons were on their twitter: “Glasgow friggin ROCKS!!! Thank you!!!!” A statement more than fitting for the night.


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