Review: Giana Nguyen, For Now

By Vernon Tart

Pop music takes twists and turns every year. With the latest fad comes a change in the pop music landscape and today it’s very formula driven. When artists are placed in this position of making music where they are unable to add their own creativity to the music, typically, it fails to transcend to the fabric of the pop culture at that moment.

However, the various layers of the music industry fail to stop some talented artists no matter how hard it tries. Artists like Nguyen have a talent that ignores the factory formula. No matter if she is pumping out a dance track or a pop ballad, her vocals have a richness that weaves the songs into warm and cozy fabric.

More and Until You are both radio-ready hits, just waiting for a DJ to pick them up and introduce them to a waiting world. Just For This Moment is a solid track of pop; soulful, elegant, yet demanding. For Now is a throwback sound to the sixties with its driving keyboards. The harmony melodies bring memories of sixties girl groups but the track never fails to fall upon the vinyl of history by becoming dated. Nguyen‘s vocals bring a warm richness to the song that grasps the listener into its infectious sound.

With the world dominated by rock and hip-hop, Nguyen brings a slice of soul and pop into a great mix of styles that show off her talents. Firefly is a warm lush ballad that Elvis would have sung if he were still around.

Do not over look this artist. Music is about passion as well as talent. Just listen to the warm lush sound of her vocals as she embraces various styles and brings each of the melodies to life.


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