Review: Devon and the Crazy Hearts, Between the Grooves

By Vernon Tart

Devon and the Crazy Hearts CD starts with a track that is throwback to the hey days of classic rock. Breaking Down and Breaking Up have the feel of a blues rocker but never really has the appropiate licks in it. There are many catchy grooves rooted into the deep fabric of this classic rock sound.

Devon follows that well worn path laid down by the likes of Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt. This is rock and roll; make no mistake about it. Though it follows the well-worn paths of other successful artists, it never copies. Devon has her own sound vocally as well as musically. Taking the foundations and building a sound of her own, not quite unique but warm, heartfelt, and catchy.

Singing of the age-old of subjects of love, relationships, breakups, and melancholy dreams of what could have been. Not content to copy she forges her way through variations of her style that encompasses the broad range of pop music; she mixes the pop of the Wilson Sisters of Heart; with the blues of Raitt and combines it with the rock and roll of Christine McVie and country rock of Linda Ronstadt.

Her voice soars and bends the melodies into a vibrant sound collage that hails the hey day of classic rock as a passing friend. One that she is well acquainted with. Leaving no stoned un-turned, Devon even plays some southern rock with her fine Weight of Your Sins with its driving beat and slide guitar.

Overall, this is a fine release from start to finish. The more you hear it the more you like it and you suddenly find yourself totally immersed in the sound between the grooves of Devon and the Crazy Hearts.


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