By Georgi Bomb

A must for prog fans, Warmrain‘s quintessentially English feel lies around the well-structured and well-produced rock. The 60s/70s era is an obvious influence here but there’s a subtle, modern edge as the delicate voice of vocalist Leon Russell (brainchild of the band) delicately flows over the rock groove which accompanies but never dominates.

Making up the rest of Warmrain are close friends Steve Beatty (October File), Simon Bradshaw and Matt Lerwill (October File). Russell talks about the thought process of Warmrain:

“This music is intensely personal to me, I’ve been working on it for years and I’ve really put my heart and soul into it. Bringing it to life has been a dream come true.

“This would not have been possible on my own, I have had to entrust this most precious possession of mine into the care of others. I’ve been in many, many bands over many, many years where this has repeatedly led to disappointment and frustration, diluting energy and enthusiasm.”

Absent Friends EP was recorded earlier this year in Berkshire, produced by John Mitchell and offers four tracks of intriguing quality that is bursting with character.

It’s an EP that’s deep with emotion and seemingly fragile in places yet strong in sound. The title track’s authentic, rock  guitar solo, creates an atmosphere one might get at a stadium performance and is a documentation of the thoughts and feelings of losing a loved one.

Good To Belong could bring warmth to the darkest of hearts as Russell’s lyrics pour out over a folk-inspired melody, not too far from that of Bob Dylan and just as infectious.

The second track, Flying Dreams does what it says on the tin; it’s light, has a heavy prog-influence  groove which you may find hard to shift as the calming tone envelopes its listener. Final track, Run to the Sun is oozing with sensitivity, like it’s other short-in-length partner, Good To Belong.

It is evident here that Warmrain is a very personal project to Russell, not just from what he says but the care and work that has gone into the EP shines out from the music, which must be heard to be understood.

So what else does Russell need to make this project something to be proud of?

“I am part of a team of equals made up of intelligent, egoless, self motivated musicians, who study the songs we’re working through and polish and hone their individual parts, so as a unit we are able to reach our shared goal of making this music the best it can be and if that wasn’t enough, we’re all the best of friends.

“I’m immensely proud of what we are achieving and it was well worth the wait.” 

Culture Bomb couldn’t agree more.

Warmrain will be opening The Pineapple Thief show at the Borderline, London on December 15 and their EP Absent Friends is out now and available through ITunes.

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