Interview: Nick Hipa, As I Lay Dying

By Georgi Bomb

Photo: Ryan Russell

If you haven’t heard of As I Lay Dying then where the hell have you been? They lay amongst the influential metalcore bands, setting the bar for all that proceeds them. Celebrating their ten year anniversary with the release of mini-album Decas on November 8, 2011, which features original tracks, some covers and remixes plus their Decade of Destruction US tour with Of Mice and Men, The Ghost Inside, Iwrestledabearonce and Sylosis kicking off at the end of November; Culture Bomb wishes them all the best and here’s to the next ten years!

Before they head off, guitarist Nick Hipa has a quick chat with Miss Bomb about the last ten years, and what the future holds for AILD

Miss Bomb: HELLO! What’s going on within the AILD gang?

Nick Hipa: Good day! Today we are in France on tour with Amon Amarth and SepticFlesh. It’s a diverse tour that has been going awesome!

MB: Happy Anniversary! How does it feel to be celebrating ten years?

NH: It feels great. We’re very thankful to have been a band for 10 years and still feel like we have our best records ahead of us. Also, we feel kind of old haha.

MB: Well you don’t look old! Aside the special release of Decas and The Decade of Destruction tour; are you privately celebrating?

 NH: Nah, not really. We’re spending more of our time just looking forward and trying to figure out ways to become a better band. Focusing on honing our chops and writing better songs are a few of the ways we’re doing that.

MB: What do you think it is about AILD that has kept the band going all this time?

NH: If I had to cite any one thing, I would say it is the relationship with our fans. We’ve been fortunate to have a die hard support from a lot of people over the years. They’re the ones buying our records, t-shirts, and going to our shows, and they are the ones who’ve given us this amount of longevity. We try our best to honor them by releasing the best records and putting on the best shows that we can.

MB: So explain more about Decas?

NH: Decas is a compilation of 3 new songs, 3 covers, and 6 remixes. It shouldn’t be taken as a “new album”, rather a new release for fans to get into while they wait for a new record. We figure it’s better than having a two years gap between albums!

MB: How did you decide on the covers/remixes you did?

NH: The covers span the scope of types of heavy music that have influenced the band. With Judas Priest, you can hear the clear influence of their melodic-ness on our sound. Slayer, obviously, is the complete thrash influence on the band. The Descendents—then—would reflect the fast paced punk energy (prevalent in hardcore) that has also shaped the way we approach our music.

As for remixes, we simply worked with people whose stuff we like and who we thought could do a great job with the song they were given.

MB: So what else have you guys got coming up?

NH: Apart from touring throughout the year and releasing Decas, our only immediate plans are to start working on a new record in January. Hopefully we can record it in Spring and have it out by Summer, but that’s all up in the air for now.

MB: What will the next ten years hold?

NH: We have no idea really, but hopefully the best music we have ever created!

MB: Anything further to finish?

NH: Don’t waste anyone’s time being negative; including your own.

Photo: Ryan Russell

Decas is released on November 8, through Metal Blade Records


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