Culture Bomb’s Halloween shopping guide for the fashion conscious

By Celeste Carrigan

Often described as the goth’s Christmas, Halloween is that time of year where the leaves fall from the trees and the ghost and ghouls come out to play. But what will you go as? No longer is it just about being a witch or a devil on auld Hallow’s Eve, there is much more to it in 2011.

Whatever you do on October 31st, there is no need to fret if you find yourself with no costumes this Halloween. Or perhaps you are just more fashion conscious, there are many clothing and accessories items out there for you to embrace the Halloween spirit.


Why not take a step into the land of the walking dead and become a zombie killer wearing Culture Bomb Editor’s pick, Darkside’s Zombie Killer beater vest (£18.99).

Kreepsville 666 Monster Tee (£20), is great if you want to keep it clear and simple with its green writing; there is no need for anything else. Or why not put a twist on the traditional skeleton with Living Dead Souls Neon Ribcage T-Shirt. (£15.95).

Do you have a favourite childhood television or film character? Maybe costumes just aren’t your thing and you like a bit of style. Truffle Shuffle offers a whole range of classic tees; one of our favourites and very fitting for Halloween is the Men’s Venkman Ghostbusters Costume T-Shirt. (£20)


No fright-night is complete without some horror-inspired accessories. Clutterfly Jewellery have a whole range of Halloween horrors from your Traditional Ghost (£9.00) to Day of the Dead (£25.00), as well as custom made necklaces  to add you own spooky touch.

If you want to unleash your inner vampire: Short and Girly‘s Vampire Teeth Necklace (£13.99) is of course, an essential accessory for  every vampire. After all, you need a good set of fangs.


No outfit is complete without the perfect handbag and Hell Bunny has some perfect ones inspired by Halloween and B horror movies, from mummies to vampires (£14.99). Kreepsville 666 have the perfect Bloody Cleaver Clutch Perfect to fill you with all your horror delights from trick or treating (£24).

Hair Accessories

Let’s not forget about your hair. Add your own Creepy touch with Kreepsville 666 Eye Ball Bow Hair Bands (£7.99). At first glance Chaotic clothing’s Bloodied Knife Bow Hair Clip (£4.50) look so innocent but up close we see it gets a little twisted. Perfect!

A Little Extra

You may not be an outlandish Halloween fan but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let out your spooky side. The Tassels and Trinkets spooktacluar Dark Delight comes with ghoulish green pasties and matching thong, complete with spiders (£16.50).

So maybe you are not one for costumes but with the great range of Halloween themed clothes and accessories out there, you have no excuse not to welcome your darkside at any time of the year. Happy Halloween!

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