Gorelesque performer – Violet Eyes

By Jake Rivett

Violet Eyes is a bubbly, down-to-earth performer, constantly pimping out Catalyst Latex, who she is the current main model for. Using Twitter, she loves to chat to her fans and other models. Violet took ten minutes out of her busy schedule to talk to Jake Rivett.

Jake Rivett: Hi Violet, How long have you been on the modelling scene and how did you get started?

Violet Eyes: I was actually scouted in Topshop when I was 16. It was for a high fashion agency and about the same time that I had discovered Bettie Page and corsetry. I wasn’t really interested in high fashion at that age so refused the agency.A few years later at university I agreed to pose for a photography student, the shots got about/on the web and the rest, they say, is history!

JR: How did you get specifically into alternate and fetish modelling, was it a choice or through a job? How did you discover this side of modelling?

VE: It was something I’ve been interested in for a long as I can remember. It was a very conscious choice to try and get work aimed towards this genre. I remember admiring Madonna in her corsets when I was young – to be told “they were naughty ladies clothes”, which of course made me even more interested in them.

I was desperate to get myself in a corset and when I left home it was one of the first things I bought. I remember my friend helping me into it and walking round my room in my student house feeling great. Next came the 6″ heels and then the latex. I’ve always had an element of exhibitionism in me so they became my going out staples and I just started collecting from there.

JR: Did it take you long to become successful?

VE: It took a lot of hard work and commitment. I had to be prepared to go to every casting I could get my hands on, be prepared to shoot at stupid o clock and in random locations. I was very determined and the years of travelling and being freezing cold, wearing latex on the beach at 6am finally paid off. It’s still hard work today. You still have to work for castings (however it’s nice to be requested to attend instead of having to apply) and there are always people coming through to keep you on your toes. I don’t think you can ever fully relax in this industry, you always have to be bigger and better.

JR: You perform shows as well, what do these typically involve?

VE: I’m predominately a gorelesque performer. The most popular act is where I walk on stage as a 194o’s pinup styled nurse and start a cute little strip tease. The music changes, I get a knife out and start performing an autopsy on myself, throwing guts and entrails around the stage. These acts are so much fun to perform and it’s great when you catch the audience unaware. I’ve made unsuspecting bar staff faint before, which is a great achievement in itself.

JR: Got any performances or fun shoots coming up?

VE: Lots of fun shoots booked, I’m currently working for Rubber Monkey Latex and finishing off work for Catalyst Latex. Both companies are so much fun to shoot for and I’m always on edge to see what concepts they come up with next.

Performance wise, October is always a crazy time of year for me. I always end up covered in fake blood running round like a lunatic but its all part of the fun and I’d complain if I had no work!

JR: Do you intend to tour ?

VE: Depends on the venue and If anyone asks. I’ve performed alongside a few bands with the gore shows/fire breathing before but It can get a bit dangerous when there’s liquids and musical equipment around on the same stage.

I usually tend to tour either by myself and backing dancers (which I regularly audition for) but I’m currently chatting to a fellow performer about putting a little gore/fire show together and seeing where it takes us.

JR: Any advice to anyone wanting to go into the same line of work?

VE: Be prepared to work hard for it. Don’t be under the illusion that a Facebook page will be enough; work your arse off and keep grounded and professional.

No-one wants to work with anyone who will be hard work or a liability. And most importantly, remember to be yourself. It’s great to be inspired but no one wants a copy, we were all born original!


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