Interview: James Cook, Anterior

By Georgi Bomb

Photo: David Meadows

Heavy metal abusers from Wales, Anterior have released their follow up to 2007’s This Age of Silence. Echoes of the Fallen is a mixture of melodies, raspy screams with British hardcore undertones. As they prepare for a much anticipated touring schedule, drummer James Cook takes a moment to speak to Miss Bomb about the ever-difficult, second album.

Miss Bomb: Hi there, so tell me what’s currently happening with Anterior?

James Cook: Well we’ve just released our new album Echoes Of The Fallen so we’re just getting ready to get out touring, playing the new tunes for our fans.

MB: How are you feeling about Echoes of the Fallen?

Pretty damn good to be honest! We are so happy with how this album sounds and couldn’t ask for more. I actually recorded my drum parts back in September 2010, so when I got to hear the finished result, it’s really fresh and I enjoyed it so much as a listener, not just analysing it as an artist. I think if you can listen to your own material alongside all the other bands/artist on your IPod, you’ve done yourself proud.

MB: What can fans expect on the album?

JC: It’s the old cliché of the melodic bits are more melodic and the heavy parts are heavy but they really are…I get really aggressive when I play some of the new songs! This album is what Age of Silence is in a neater package. I’m not taking anything away from the first album but obviously we have matured as people and musicians and we have a better idea of what we wanted for this album. We made a conscious effort to have all the songs more thought through, trying to keep all the killer solos and brutality, without making it seem contrived.

Photo: David Meadows

MB: What difficulties did you face in writing your second album?

JC: We actually had more difficulties recording the album than we did writing it. Weird saying that as Anterior’s members are split across Wales, Scotland and England but whenever we were together we working on songs, constantly emailing songs backwards and forwards between each other it worked out really well.  There were a few songs which I had never actually played before I entered the studio and some of those are my favourites. As for difficulties recording the album….wow! We had trouble getting into the studio as Scott was working on other projects, but we had to work with this guy so we waited it out. During recording my parts for the album I actually really badly damaged my left arm and the left side of my chest and James B had to run off of a plane from being in Florida straight in to the studio to do his parts but hey….it was all worth it!

MB: You had your first official headlining tour last May, when can we expect you back out on the road?

JC: We’re hitting the road on September 28th with Sylosis, Malefice and Chapters. We just want to get back out playing as much of possible. It’s been a long time since Age of Silence and there’s a lot of people who have been waiting for the second album, so we’re going to get out there and reward them for their patience.

MB: Like a number of recent bands, social media helped promote Anterior and led to them being signed, is this where you think the metal scene is heading?

JC: I do not think that social networking will ever be the life force of music. I think it’s a great tool for bands/artists and record labels alike. Record labels can listen to bands that they wouldn’t have had a chance to listen to before, and in turn gives a chance for the band to be heard by them…… and loads of people across the world. Social networks like Facebook and Myspace give bands a great chance to be closer to their fans, we have some great banter with our fans on our Facebook, and I’m sure they enjoy it as much as we do.

MB: You’ve shared stages with some amazing metal bands: Dragonforce, Children of Bodom, Dying Fetus ­ who else would you like to tour with and why?

Anterior have been on tour with The Black Dahlia Murder before I joined the band but I would love to go on tour with those guys. One of my favourite bands and Shannon Lucas is an absolute monster behind the kit!

MB: What’s next for you guys?

JC: Touring, touring and more touring! Keep your eyes open people cos Anterior will be destroying a stage near you soon.

Echoes of the Fallen by Anterior is out now via Metal Blade Records 


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