Review: Bobby Cool, Bobby Cool EP

By Vernon Tart

I heard it: “I can’t get home, I can’t get home, fast enough”.  The classic honky-tonk sounds of Bobby Cool. This band is rocking; tearing it up with catchy songs that bounce through your head like old classics, which start your feet tapping as the good time tunes come busting through.

Listen to the fiddle wailing and the pedal steel sliding in I Can’t Get Home (Fast Enough), a song that establishes him as a solid contender in the world of country music players.  This is a hit record that everybody wants to hear, it will shake the walls of the honky-tonks across the world as he follows it up with the warm Married to the Road that has a more bluegrass feel to it.

The fiddle sings in Married to the Road which never hesitates to add a jive guitar riff to the mix. The Man in the Moon is the cry in your beer, tear-jerker that is a sad and lonely song, the emotion pours into your mind with the exquisite lyrics. Someone Like You is reminiscent of Willie Nelson’s late 50s sound, as is Night Life.

Wishing Time Away just cements the quality of this five song EP with its simple elegance and classic sounds that fit right into the mix of this CD. It’s classic country music,  written in your life time. Sweet, country music with the pedal steel whispering the blues while the guitars wail and the singer who sings with all the passion that will take you on an emotional ride like few modern, country singers do.

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