Review: The Longwalls, Careers In Science

By Vernon Tart

With a burst of clash-like rhythms mixed with an Elvis Costello, jangling guitar, The Longwalls lay down an epic sound on Careers in Science as it slips and slides its way into an anthem of sorts for the post-punk, neo-new wave rockers. The music drives the lyrics through with its military beats and rhythms. Rural America meets the urban streets in songs like Where Things Go to Fade; with its suggestion of rural landscape mixed with the rock and roll of Tom Petty.

The Cooler draws from the folk influences and its derivative sound blends sixties harmonies against a background sound of folk guitar. Sargasso In Space has a gentle flowing guitar sound with a twang of country rock. The intelligent lyrics backed by wonderful high harmonies that offer a gumbo of styles inside the frame work of the song. Something few artists have captured on vinyl.

Homecoming is a captivating rock song with a very unusual vocal style that is not afraid to show its weakness and its strength; its frailty and majestic interludes of artistic accomplishment.

Sex and Work is just pure rock and roll. It could be anybody but has a distinct Longwalls feels with the guitars and vocals driving home that signature sound. The whistling was a nice touch in the middle of the song and would have been nice if the song ended with this. No doubt The Longwalls have a unique sound that will carry them far but I must say, as a music fan, I was very disappointed with the length of the CD, standing at a mere, twenty-five minutes.



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