Bloodstock Open Air LIVE!

By Georgi Bomb

14.08.2011 – 12:18 – Well Bloodstock Open Air is certainly the place to be this weekend as Matt and Ol from Evile saunter through the media area.

14.08.2011 – 11:30: Well things are certainly getting heavy as we approach the final day; a quick walk around the Valhalla and Agard campsites proved the late nights and early days are definitely taking their toll. Hopefully the power of opening band, Hell will rid those cobwebs. The sun is beating down now and the arena is slowly filling up.

All talk is on last night’s performance from  Immortal who nailed it with the pyrotechnics and black metal. As you can see from the photo below, things were pretty crowded for this 5’2″ journalist.

Interviews were very successful, everyone has been in full spirits except maybe W.A.S.P from Friday. It is alleged the 80s rock outfit refused to go on stage on Friday night until they were paid upfront. Obviously we all know they DID go on stage however, my rather pirate-like source reveals their demands were not met!

13.08.2011 – 1500: Finntroll wowed the crowd just now and had them all chanting furiously which seemed to disperse the clouds quite successfully and it is roasting, happy times!

Ever wondered how photographers get such good photos at festivals? Here’s a sneaky pic:

Press tent is getting pretty busy, Dripback boys currently doing interviews and all the photographers are gathering for the cool man that is…Ihsahn.

13.08.2011 – 12:50: Ihsahn is a very polite and lovely fella, no gossip from the press area, Radio One Rock DJ, Daniel P.Carter is milling about and rumour has it that he will be doing some compereing on the main stage. Skeletonwitch are currently in the singing tent signing autographs and looking very metal!

Weather is holding out for the moment and people’s hangovers seem to be slowly fading.

13.08.2011 – 11:00: Well what a day yesterday was, insanity is one way to cover it, lots of interviews, lots of drunk people and a LOT of metal, devil horns and sweat. Everyone was loving W.A.S.P’s performance and was almost a W.A.S.P karaoke night. Lots of partying in the SOPHIE tent and there seemed to be plenty of hungover faces kicking around. Lots of water guys!

Devin Townsend seemed a little tired during press interviews but was clearly reserving energy for a fantastic performance. Skeletonwitch have just kicked off the main stage so please excuse me while I go dive in with this horrible lot, (picture taken in SOPHIE tent on 11.08):

Interviews later with Ihsahn, Rhapsody of Fire, Wintersun, Gravedigger and best news yet; I’ll be able to catch Dripback on SOPHIE stage at 13:20, featuring Luca, former Ted Maul guitarist.

12.08.2011 – 12:50: October File are lovely lads. Angry music but lots of smiles. Unfortunately the heaven’s have opened over Bloodstock so no more tan top-ups. Ahh well. Pretty quiet backstage. The Defiled are currently doing a signing and looking very pretty while they do!

12.08.2011 – 11:00: Well everything has kicked off with The Defiled opening Bloodstock Open Air 2011. A LOT of drunk people running around last night as Beholder closed the SOPHIE stage with their biggest performance to date!

The press tent is slowly filling up and I’m currently waiting for the first interview of the day, October File, who will be playing on the SOPHIE stage later on. A lot ofnoise kicking around the festival for Devin Townsend’s performance and everyone is hoping it will be smoother than last years, poor chap.

Luckily for us, the weather is pretty warm if not a little overcast despite the rain last night, which most people slept through. Finally, somewhere on site, there is some really nice smelling food cooking, possibly artist’s food. Yummy. I’ll update with something more interesting later on.

11.08.2011: Yes folks, the UK’s number one, independent, metal festival has finally kicked off! Opening tonight with Achren, Revoker and Beholder and comedy sets from the likes of Steve Hughes; it is going to be a cracking few days.

For those of you unfortunate enough not to be going, fear not.  Culture Bomb will be there every step of the way to bring you all the backstage gossip as live as we can. Try not to get too upset that you won’t be there though, at least you’re avoiding all the rain, mud and smelly port-a-loos.

Keep checking back to the site for photos from the press tent, news on which bands are throwing strops, which fan went crowd surfing in a tent (don’t laugh, it happened last year) and of course, endless updates on the killer bands performing this year with W.A.S.P, Immortal and Motorhead as main headliners.

Any questions for the acts playing? Then leave them here and official interviewer for the festival, Miss Bomb will get them answered for you!


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