Alexisonfire split after ten years

By Georgi Bomb

Canadian five-piece, Alexisonfire announced they would be disbanding. This is surprising news as in February of this year, the band tweeted they were working on a brand new, much heavier album.

The split came after two members made the decision to quit the band. Dallas Green has City And Colour and lead guitarist Wade MacNeil has a new project he is working on. Lead vocalist, George Pettit commented: “Replacing one guitar player/singer/writer was something we thought was possible, but replacing two would ruin the serious legacy of what we achieved.

“Was the break up amicable?” He said, “Not really. Was it necessary? Probably. Regardless, the members of this band are my family and I wish them nothing but good fortune.”

It was their third album in 2006, Crisis, which won them their huge fanbase and follow-up, Old Crows, Young Cardinals was a highly anticipated release in 2009.

Alexisonfire provided a shining light in the mid-00’s, standing out against the world of heavy rock and nu-metal. A post-hardcore, melodic and challenging creation, which the former band members described as “the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight” (in reference to the track, A Dagger Through The Heart Of St. Angeles).

The band has shared a stage with the likes of Johnny Truant, Ghost Of A Thousand, Billy Talent, Every Time I Die and Cancer Bats, to name a few. Their distinctive mix of harsh screams and soft melodies, mixed with chunky riffs and harmonies will leave a sad void amongst fans and the music world.

“In closing, I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the fans of Alexisonfire around the world,” writes Pettit. “I’m forever grateful to anyone who has ever taken any interest in what we did. You were the coal that stoked our engines. You have given us a spectacular decade, rich with experience and joy. We love you all.”



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