Review: Impostor Syndrome, Block Party

By Georgi Bomb

American rock act from New York, Impostor Syndrome have self-released their latest album, Block Party through ITunes. A blues style, classic rock sound over a five-track EP.

Musically, there is a real similarity to Alice Cooper yet, when the soft but strong, vocals of frontwoman Kristen kick in, there is enough of an American twang that lifts it away from being a rock ‘n’ roll copy cat. Opening track, Just Once sets a fun-loving pace, while the following number, Public Transportation brings the mood down a notch or two, with its sorrowful lyrics and matching musical accompaniment.

Don’t Hesitiate starts in much the same, sad way, as the acoustic guitar starts off and the song slowly builds up the track with drums and electric guitar, and it quickly progresses into a real throwback number. Once Kristen’s lyrics are added to the mix, it brings the song bang up to modern times.

The highlight song, Cigarette Song has every element of a summer tune. A ska-like riff, fun lyrics and a catchy hook on the chorus. Imagine it blasting out on the setting sun, with beer in hand.

Courtesy Call keeps the summer vibe and the mood high as the album comes to an end with a heavier rock sound. Impostor Syndrome’s Block Party makes for the perfect classic rock album, and a great addition for any classic enthusiast or even, those metal heads wanting to head back to the old school.


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