Review: Trivium, In Waves

By Georgi Bomb

The anticipation behind In Waves, Trivium‘s fifth release, is high. A surprising change in tone from these guys as the twiddly, happy solos are few and far between. Replaced with hardcore-style vocals and more of a deathcore edge to the majority of the 13-track album.

Intro track, Capsizing The Sea whips up into a frenzy before the title track kicks in. Total brutality from start to finish yet still manages to throw in a few catchy guitar riffs and harmonies before laying out break downs into an almost unrecognizable sound.

Vocalist Matt Heafy has hyped fans by telling them this is going to be their best album to date, boasting it to be a defining album for Trivium. There was no exaggeration in this statement. They haven’t lost all their original sound, it blends nicely with the new edge like on Dusk Dismantled. Fast guitars, dual-layered screams and solos to put a smile on the most straight-edged of folk.

In certain places, there is almost a black metal quality that just peeks out over the top. The great thing about this, is that it works. Sometimes change doesn’t work out so well, and for some bands, it has failed drastically. In this case, with the combination of speed, riffs and that subtle, darker edge throughout, In Waves shows progression without any loss of integrity. Heafy has been spot on when stating this to be Trivium’s best album to date.

Download: Built To Fail, Black.

 In Waves by Trivium is available from 9 August, through Roadrunner Records.

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