Review: Lisa Brigantino, Wonder Wheel

By Vernon Tart

Where the gravel meets the road, Lisa Brigantino is laying it down with her bluesy rock in Go And Find It, the first track off of her latest release, Wonder Wheel, a classic rock feel, with a modern edge.

Following on with Used To Be A House is more in tune with the Indigo Girls or maybe Michelle Shocked, holding its folk roots close and still adding her own twist to the old standard formula. Sarah, the next track, has the evocative vocal harmonies that hauntingly slip into your mind.

The roots of Lisa Brigantino may be folk, but she was born to rock as well, and with A Little Sympathy, she follows in the footsteps of the pure pop rockers before her.

Brigantino chases the blues, rock and the folk sounds but I Gotta Find Me Somethin’, combines the kazoo and ukulele creating a tin pan alley sound with its fun, off-beat melody.

This Town has a rock n’ roll edge with pop sensibilities that hail back to the classic years of rock and roll, but has a modern twist, bringing it bang up-to-date.

Brigantino offers a diverse variety of styles and mixes them up in a wonder package called Wonder Wheel, full of diversity and which never sits in one place for very long.


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