Review: Cloak Of Altering, The Night Comes Illuminated With Death

By Georgi Bomb

The mastermind behind Dutch musical abominations Gnaw Their Tongues and Aderlating, Mories, has unleashed the debut album, The Night Comes Illuminated With Death, from his new project, Cloak Of Altering. An experimental, symphonic black metal sound mixed with industrial and electronic influences to create an ear bashing extremity.

The album contains 36 minutes of pure intensity across six tracks. There are no wimpy intros to slowly draw you in here; this is insanity at its best as opening track, I Diabolus, Fallen And Vengeful smashes in from the start with full force. Each track is intricately layered with a wealth of goings on, from drill-like blast beats to synth-orchestration and dark, haunting sounds, which build up a whirlwind of total noise.

Highly recommend to the adventurous music fan, The Night Comes… is a tough album to understand; chopping and changing in tone, all the while holding one consistency: a dark and atmospheric quality.

The album slows to an eerie creep halfway through at the start of the title track for a full 37 seconds of suspense, before rupturing the listener’s ears in a frenzied mixture of sound.

Look out for the melodies merged between the almost frightening vocals that lay very low in the mix, this album is all about the noise and the intensity. Ranging from rasping screams to low growls; there is nothing ‘normal’ about The Night Comes… so expect to feel a combination of fear, confusion and amazement.

Download: Veil of Stars

The Night Comes Illuminated With Death by Cloak Of Altering is out now through Human Jigsaw Records.


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