Punky Pins launch brand new collection

By Georgi Bomb

Those talented people at Punky Pins have launched a brand new collection for us all to adorn during the (kind of rubbish) summer sun.

The Pop Art: Comic Book Collection is so vibrant and fun that you probably won’t be able to resist indulging in more than one piece from their latest line.

That’s not all though, the Punky Pins HQ have decided to partially release the collection early, that means half of it has been released today! Get on over to the website to check out the collection, which is sure to be snapped up quick.

Add on the fact there is free delivery on all orders over £40 and it is only too tempting to grab them all while you can.

The collection, featuring plenty of glitter, classic pop art pictures with speech bubbles attached, from £14 are highly individual and will certainly attract plenty of attention.

If the necklaces are a little bit too in your face, then opt for a more subtle look with a strategically placed hair grip, priced at £6, which has just enough detail to catch the eye of others.

To be honest, if the rest of the collection is as good as what is shown below then fans of the Pins label are in for a mega treat! Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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