Thirteen prepare for debut release through Milky Bomb Records

By Georgi Bomb

A launch date has finally been released for jazz funk act, Thirteen for their debut album, Degraded Jazz tones through Milky Bomb Records. Set to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public in full costume on 1 August 2011 across Europe.

Thirteen’s debut album Degraded Jazz Tones is a fusion of… not too much jazz, not too much funk, not too much rock and a sprinkle of something else you didn’t think of. Woven together with a good deal of subtlety and depth these are the ingredients that produce a sound which is bold, cohesive and even catchy.

Thirteen’s influences come from far and wide: the 70’s progressive rock era to anything from the 80’s that didn’t include dodgy hair and a Casio keyboard and the 90’s alternative rock scene. Everything else in between or after is thrown in for good measure.


Don’t be put off or even aroused by Thirteen’s outfits, it’s all about the music: the warm and smooth yet often heavy crunch of guitars, the big live drum sound and bass lines picked by an obscure mind highlighting influences from the likes of Incubus and 311.

Whilst this is an instrumental offering, if you are a fan of Mike Patton and his antics over the years with Mr Bungle or even a Primus suspect then you’ll certainly enjoy this!

Keep an eye on Culture Bomb for a full and rather honest review of Degraded Jazz Tones, coming soon!


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