Unknown Component

By Georgi Bomb

So what does a musician do when they have a burning idea to create something fresh and new to unleash on the unsuspecting public? They should start by taking a listen to Keith Lynch from Iowa and his solo project, Unknown Component for inspiration. A self-taught musician with a back catalogue of eight, self released, independent albums and his latest offering, The Infinite Definitive is out now.
So is the Unknown Component just a chance to show off or is it a way to enable full creativity? “The positive aspects of working on a solo project are complete creative control.” Keith says, “The negative aspects have to do with live performances and the difficulty of re-creating the sounds found on the album in a live setting. With technology the way it is though, it works out.”
With vocals that hint along the line of Bob Dillon, Keith explains the creative path of Unknown Component. “My drive to write music is usually disengaged in the sense that I tend to just start writing before I even know what I’m doing, and before I know it, I’ve written a song. It seems to me, to be entirely subconscious most of the time.”
The Infinite Definitive has been recorded, produced and released by his own fair hand. There is no disputing his musical ability, as all instrumentation has been composed and played by this one man show. To put it bluntly, Unknown Component, is nothing short of brilliance. A true soft rock album with a slight edge of Americana among its bones.
Raw emotion envelopes the vocal as they strain across a modern, fresh sound. Starting with the heavier sounds of Collection of the State and the tender lyrics mixed over the chirpy tunes on A Heavy Heart On An Empty Stomach is an eclectic masterpiece. Unknown Component’s compositions don’t merge into each other either, the running order seems to have been arranged to ensure each song progresses and stands out from the last.
As what feels like the sun setting on the album as Every Measure and Space pushes deeper into the soul, there is a surprising lift and a whole new sound to experience. There is one consistent tone however on The Infinite Definitive and that is its warmth. With so much detail, tone and genre on one album, plus this is all created by one mind, it is a wonder where the influences are drawn from. “I have so many influences in so many different genres that it’s difficult to pick a few.” Keith says, “I seem to find inspiration in all kinds of music and art.”  
With The Infinite Definitive out now, what does the future hold for Keith and Unknown Component? “My aim is to reach as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. As long as I can continue to make a living doing what I love to do, I’ll be happy.”
Head on over to Unknown Component’s website for more details.

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